I'm In A Movie

movie camera

It’s done. I’m in a real movie. No offense to Mattress Express, but I was in just one scene of a 17 minute film. Cursed Hearse is a full-length movie and I’m in several scenes and my character is integral to the plot. And, it’s done shooting. It’s in the can.

The amazing part is, it doesn’t suck. It will be no Oscar nominee, but I think it will be successful for what it is, a low budget comedy horror movie.

Flashback to growing up; I LOVED horror movies! Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Barbara Steele were my foster parents. Roger Corman was my inappropriate uncle. Ed Wood Jr. was the cousin we never talked about.

I idolized these people, never expecting that I would dwell among them. Now I am. I have no delusions of grandeur. This movie may not be a classic, but it’s there. Hopefully it gets good distribution. Probably somewhere in the streamverse.