How Not to do a How To

How Not To How To

I’ve never done a how-to video before. I figured the best way to learn how to do one is to do one. So I did one. I made mistakes, but this is how you learn. Now if I ever need to make another, I’ll make fewer mistakes. Eventually, I’ll know what I’m doing.

Don’t get me wrong, the video isn’t completely without merit. It’s just twice as long as it needs to be does not demonstrate any cardboard car building talent on my part.

So here’s what I did wrong:

  • I should have done a run through with another model. This would have prepared and prevented the on-camera delays.
  • I should have used a second camera off to the side to use as cut-aways to cover up glitches and awkward moments.
  • I should have put the part sheets between me and the car. That would cut down the times I blocked the subject from the camera.
  • My lets-find-out-together approach did not work well. Viewers expect some level of expertise from the maker of the how-to video.

So there’s the big four issues with the video. Even at almost 60 I’m still capable of learning. The video is embedded below if you care to watch.

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.