Hot Rod Opel at the Mecum auction

hot rod opelRemember that Hot Rod Opel is a relative term

Being an Opel fan is sometimes a lonely existence. Even in the presence of other Opel fans we are often introverted and antisocial. I think that this car will bring a bunch of out of the woodwork.

The condition might be enough to generate interest. The body, interior, etc., blah blah blah. We’ve all heard and seen it before. There there’s the engine. It’s the little 1.1 liter but it has TWO carburateurs and none of the emissions stuff that choked later engines into submission.

All the extra speed stuff ramps this little beauty up to an earth-shaking 67 horsepower. That may not seem like much but remember, the car doesn’t have any of the heavy safety equipment either.

As I said, Hot Rod Opel is a relative term, but the combination of the light weight, peppy engine and those silly little tires should make for some spirited driving.

How great do I think this is? I’ve actually signed up to bid on it. I don’t think I can afford what it’s worth, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

See the full details at the Mecum Auction site.

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1 thought on “Hot Rod Opel at the Mecum auction

  1. Oh man, the first car I remember my mom driving was a lime green Opel. Yeah it was a deathtrap, and I seem to remember multiple blobs of frozen chewing gum under the seats, but memories.

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