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Today I got to scrape a half-eaten pigeon carcass off the fence in our back yard.

It was actually kind of a freaky sight. One does not expect to see such a thing draped over the top of a fence. We have a gopher problem, but couldn’t imagine a gopher taking down a pigeon let alone drag it up a wooden fence.

Feral cats and raccoons use our back yard as a route to the apple tree in the neighbor’s yard. Again it seemed likely that either would leave their prey in such a manner.

A quick internet search revealed that it was probably either an owl or a hawk. Both like to devour their victims on fence tops. The weird thing is that my parents on the other side of the country witnessed this very thing outside their window. A hawk in the process of killing a pigeon landed on their chainlink fence but it could get solid footing so it took with it’s kill.

So I’ve never heard of hawks eating pigeons on fences and now it’s happened to my parents and me, 3000 miles apart, both in the same month. Weird.


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Tags: ,, - Author: Tom - Published: July 30, 2012


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