Happy New Years


I enter 2016 unemployed, which is a good thing as I had grown to dislike my job very much. I’ve spent the last few months bumping up my knowledge of WordPress, Node.js and its related technologies. Fascinating stuff.

WordPress has been a bit of a challenge, learning all the hooks and objects took longer than expected, but a few days ago I had a light bulb moment and seem to have gotten the hang of it.

Node on the other hand has been a piece of cake. It’s all Javascript and mostly just a case of figuring out what you want to do, finding the pieces to do it and writing some code to tie it all together. Though like most technologies like this, you learn 80% up front then spend the rest of your career trying to perfect that last 20%.

Enough about work. Currently I’m suffering from a combination of symptoms; high blood sugar, high blood acid levels, high temperature and a very sore foot. This is a duplicate from earlier in the year except that involved a sore knee. The cause of all this is aging and poor diet. Can’t do anything about aging so I guess it’s time to improve the diet.

Related to my health is my exercise. Because of the issues above I once again missed my goal of riding my bike 1000 miles. I did just over 800. I did however do a 40 mile ride which is my longest ever. For this year I’m again planning on 1000 miles total, with a single ride goal of 100K(62 mi.)

My main goal for the year is to write more. This year was a good one. While I didn’t output as much fiction as I thought I would, I did write more non-fiction than expected, especially for my bike site.

Well, that’s mostly it. I should get back to the Twilight Zone marathon.

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.