Fish/Pond Conundrum

little fish

The world likes to imagine that there are two options: being a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond. I have always responded that I wanted to be a medium fish in a medium pond because I’m just that kind of asshole.

Recently though, I’ve had to rethink this. I’ve been gaining tiny bits of fame. The popularity of my writing posts on Twitter has doubled over the past few months. People are downloading and actually using my computer programs. When Cursed Hearse comes out, I’ll become famous among dozens of people.

The reality of all this is that each of those examples represents very large ponds indeed. As for fish size, we’re talking rather small at best. Sure, Twitter is huge, but the number of people who read flash fiction writing prompt tweets is much smaller. I have 1,500 followers, which is much smaller than some writers. However, 1,500 is much more than I ever expected. Only 10% of them read my posts every day, and only 20% of those people “like” my posts on a regular basis. That works out to be a pretty small group among the total potential audience.

It’s the same way with the movie. There are so many streaming channels now searching for content that it is very likely that the movie will wind up on one of them. There are millions of people that watch streaming channels, but how many of them watch low-budget horror movies? It’s probably a small percentage, but those are the people the movie is for. The obsessed weirdos like me who love this shit.

So I have become the proverbial little fish in a big pond. Once upon a time, perhaps on a dark and stormy night, I would be insulted. Little fish sounds like an insult in our bigger is better world, but I’m happy with the title. Let's raise our glasses to all the little fish. All the unknown legends and anonymous artists.