Faux Renault R5 on eBay

faux renault r5 turboThe Faux Renault evokes the image of the Killer B’s, if not the speed.

The Killer B’s were the greatest of all rally cars and the Renault R5 Turbo was one of the greatest of the greats. This Faux Renault captures that era wonderfully.

The car is greatly detailed but unfortunately there is a back seat where the engine should be. Of course the standard Renault 5, or Le Car as it was called here, is quite a bit fun to drive as is. The biggish tires should make for spirited motoring.

According to the seller the car, “…walks very well..” Hopefully that’s an error in translation. My personal favorite thing about the car is the license plate in the front window which is identical to the one on the front bumper. There’s a story there.

The advantage to replicas is that most people will never know the difference and they cost 1/10th of a real one. With 4 days to go the current bid is $860, with the reserve unmet. I imagine that will go up considerably.

See the full listing: Renault R5 Turbo


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Author: Tom
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