Fastest meter maidmobile on eBay

meter maidmobileYou can tell this meter maidmobile is fast because it has a spoiler.

Actually these things have Mazda 1.3 liter engines. I’ve had this idea to buy a bunch of used ones and start a meter maidmobile racing series. Fast yes, but tippy too.

As the seller states, “You do need to watch it on a sharp curve if you are above 40mph.

The first time I saw one of these at speed I thought the universe had broken. I always assumed these were powered by lawn mower engines or something of the ilk. Yet there I was going 40 in a 35 zone and one of these went zooming past me. Though the driver did slow way down before attempting a turn.

One aid to stability is the fact that the driver sits in the center. Though the seat height is rather high which doesn’t help at all.

The other problem with my racing series idea is that I’m not the only one whose interested in silly little vehicles and they sell for much more than I can afford for a motorized joke.

With three and a half days to go the bid is only $757 but I expect that to triple by auction’s end.

See full listing: Westwood Intercepter

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Author: Tom
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