Evolutionary Dead End on eBay

evolutionary dead end carThe 613 is the evolutionary dead end of the rear-engined V-8 Tatras.

Tatra started building big rear-engined cars in 1934 with the 77. Just over twenty years later is reached it design zenith in the 603. Twenty years after that we arrive at this car, the 613, the evolutionary dead end.

The model number alone should be a give away. In the first twenty years it went from 77 to 603. An increase of 526. In the next twenty years it only incremented by 10.

The biggest problem is that while the 613 is better technologically better than the 603, it just doesn’t have the style or heart. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to own this example, though I’m not sure it’s worth the $12,500 opening bid.

I should mention that the 613 wasn’t actually the last big Tatra, but was the last successful big Tatra. The 623 was the Czech version of our Indy Pace car. It served well but was eventually replaced by a Skoda Octavia.

Then there was the 700, which looked exactly like the 613 but was even bigger. It was introduced in 1996 and was a complete flop mostly due to the fall of the iron curtain.

If you want to see a unique image, take a look at the pictures in the listing. The view of what’s under the front hood is something you aren’t likely to see in any other car.

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