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That’s Elcar not Elgar. (For you Futurama fans.)

The Elcar is one of those makes that was never able to scale up to compete with the big boys. Their best year ever they sold 4,000 cars. Compare that to Ford’s 820,000 the same year.

The “El” in Elcar comes from Elkhart Lake WI, where it was built. Like many smaller makes it never grew much beyond its local market. Especially in the 20’s as the economics of scale took force. Elkhart Lake was too far from the parts suppliers and distribution network centered around Detroit.

All that makes a surviving Elcar all the more interesting. The one for sale on eBay is a top of the line to boot. Of course it sat for a long time and needs a complete restoration, but everything except the perishables seem to be intact. I doubt there is anything a good metal worker couldn’t fix or fabricate.

Fortunately for potential restorers the engine isn’t a rare as the rest of the car. It was built by Continental and the same engine was used in several other makes so parts and documentation are not unfindable. It’s 299 c.i. with a reported 140 h.p.. That should move the old guy along at good clip when resurrected.

You should look at the full listing and read the seller’s description. It is very detailed and entertaining. The car belongs to the seller’s father who’s owned that for over 40 years. My favorite picture from the listing is of the Stewart Warner odometer suggesting that the car has less than 19,000 miles on it.

I would hate to have to bet on what this car will sell for. It’s rarity and from an amateur’s opinion not too difficult a restoration should up the value. However, its oddity make work against it and the worst case scenario would be someone buying it to strip it of common parts for use in restoring a better-known make.

Look at this on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/222334592589

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