Distraction-free writing

The distraction-free controversy

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There is much talk lately among bloggers about distraction-free editors. The idea is to write out your thoughts and not worry about formatting and spell checking and all that nonsense. Then after puking all your words onto the page you turn on those features or open the file in another program that does  all the fancy stuff.

So basically, Notepad is now bleeding-edge technology.

I make fun, but the weird thing is that people who aren’t easily distracted are criticizing those who are. I think  you should do whatever you can to make your writing process as comfortable as possible. So if you feel you need to write in the computer equivalent of a monk’s cell, that’s what you should do. Perhaps an actual monk’s cell would help as well.

I have a friend who lives at the other end of the spectrum. I’ve seen him many times on the N-Judah working on his plays. People pushing, shouting and all that and he stays focused on his screen. No headphones or anything. I don’t know he does it.

So what’s the point? When it comes to writing environment you should take everyone’s advice, or ignore everyone’s advice. Try everything and throw away what doesn’t work for you. It may take years but it’s worth it.

For me, I have an unfortunate dependence on machines. I have laptops I can’t use for writing because I’ve just never developed a rapport. On others I can write some things but not others. Fortunately I just obtained a little blue writing machine, an Android tablet with a keyboard that I’ve instantly connected with.

Wish us luck.

Author: Tom
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