The most dangerous car in the world

dangerous carOr at least, the most dangerous car I need to own

When I say dangerous car I’m not necessarily talking about the relative safety of the vehicle’s driving characteristics. (Though it is a kit car, so you never know.) What I mean by dangerous is the lust generated in my heart for a vehicle that will likely do nothing but cause me frustration and disappointment.

Nothing screams “DANGER WILL ROBINSON” like an almost-finished kit car. Lets face it, kit cars are always a crap shoot. You have no idea how skilled or unskilled the builder might be. In most cases you have no idea if the kit itself contained the slightest bit of quality.

At least though when you buy a fresh kit you know that all the mistakes are yours to make. With a mostly-finished car it’s almost impossible to undo the unknown mistakes lurking in the spirit of the machine.

The description of the car starts off great, using all the right words. Square tube frame, 1000c.c. motorcycle engine, 6-spd sequential gearbox, Merkur rear end. All very happy and encouraging pieces.

Then it starts to go awry. “Custom suspension all around.” OK, maybe good, maybe not. “Car should do 0-60 in 4 seconds or less.” Should?

Then the kicker, “car is unfinished and still needs work.” Why? Why after all that work have the final little bits not been done?

Then the heart-wrenching, “Yard drives until the motor suddenly stopped.” As Batman’s sound-effect graphic would say, “OOOOFF.” No more details are given.

So why am I picking on the beautiful little car? Because at its current bid I could almost afford it, and despite everything I’ve said above I still want it. I need help.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.