Convertible Contradiction on eBay

convertible contradictionThe Convertible Contradiction is the best and blandest of motoring

The red convertible is pretty much the height of status motoring. Meanwhile the Rambler is one of the most “average” cars ever built. So what else can you call a red Rambler convertible?

Disclaimer: I love Ramblers and their ancestors the AMCs. So while I make fun of Ramblers it’s done with affection. I’ve only had one convertible in my life and it was a pain in the ass. However, that was an MG and putting up the top involved getting out of car and snapping the top down to the body.

My favorite thing about this particular Rambler, other than picturing myself cruising the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down, is that fact that it has a bunch of meaningless things that don’t work, while all the important parts do.

The driver’s door doesn’t lock. The heater doesn’t heat. The wipers don’t wipe. The fuel gauge doesn’t…well…gauge. All of this is fixable when you get around to it and is of no consequence on a nice sunny day.

All this needed work means that the price shouldn’t go through the roof. Unfortunately I’m not the only one who sees these as non-issues and the current bid is over $4,400 with three days to go.

Looks like the Pacific Coast Highway will have to wait.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.