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tiger head weird

Writing – Comfortably Weird

I’m not weird on purpose, only I am. I blame it on my brothers. They are 2 and 3 years…

RVing – Here We Go

7/29/18 Chester and I moved the first load to the RV today. It was a bit of an adventure. The…

writing hate

Writing – Hate Writers

I’m a writer. I used to hate other writers. I hated them for their talent and success and general snottiness….

storage lock

Tom Week – Storage Time

Storage Time Yes, sadly, it is once again storage time for the RV. We are weeks away from completing the…

tool shed

Living in a tool shed

What’s wrong with a tool shed? Sometimes I want to live in a tool shed in someone’s back yard. A…

angry stupid face

Angry Stupid Characters

Why some characters go stupid When I write with anger in my heart my characters usually wind up being very…

gargoyle - merci

Favorite Word: Merci

Favorite Word (This week) I like words. My favorites change over time. This week’s favorite word is merci. I didn’t…

train station meaning

Meaning and Responsibility

What does meaning mean? In response I’m spending more time on each piece. Last Thursday’s post went through five drafts….

docks - acme world news

Acme World News (Flash Fiction)

Six bells. Mid watch. 3 A.M. The ship is early.  The bus is late. The captain and the man in…

Writing Habit

I am a creature of habit. Recent bad weather, then some blood sugar problems, kept me off the bike for…