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Tom Flanders, writer of fiction


RVing – The Crack Grows

1/2/19 Last night the RV’s toilet turned on us. Thankfully the internet was full of ideas and after a few…

no excuses

Writing Excuses

What do you do when you run out of excuses? I want to be a writer but… There are so…

real writer typewriter

Are You A Real Writer?

Am I a real writer? Of course I am. Are you a real writer? That depends. Have you written anything?…

characters of hate

The Characters of Hating Hate

Hating hate I hate hate. Even when it manifests as righteous indignation, I feel sullied by hate. It takes way…

Are all writers mentally ill?

Yes, but first we need to define our terms. Perhaps mentally ill is a poor expression. Mentally abnormal seems more…

tumble weed

RVing – Tumble Along

9/17/18 Rewired Pat’s scooter today. I found several loose wires. It charges and rides much better now. 9/18/18 Seventeen mile…

the steep part

Tom Week – The Steep Part

The Steep Part I dropped off the rental truck today and rode my bike back to the RV park. Most…

Tonya and a cow in Williams

RVing – a week in Williams

8/27/18 Williams AZ: We are making this all up as we go along. So we are learning things every day….

cathedral ceiling

Writing – cathedral raisins

Where lies the cathedral of the soul? I have chocolate-covered raisins. I want to create a world where both those…

want, wanting

Who do you want to be today?

Who do you want to be today? For me, what do I want to write today. Lately I’ve been writing…