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Tom Flanders, writer of fiction

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – How Far Away

Bob and Lorry try to conform to the animator’s will. #heybob #animation    

ax therapy

Ax Therapy

Dr. Socket, Charles and his ax. Unfortunately there are no axes in this world.

creep woods

Short Story – City Folks/Creepy Woods

I thought I had lucked out. A state park with plenty of available spaces right on a lake. Oh what…

alone among chairs

Short Story – Alone in a Crowd

People think that being alone is all silence and isolation. For me, being alone is standing still watching the world…

northern florida belltower

Tom Week – Wandering Northern Florida

2/13/20 – The Big Race Cometh In northern Florida during Daytona Speedweek. (AKA the big race) A whole bunch of…

the phone

Short Story – The Phone Will Ring

Another sunrise. Another day of waiting. Sitting on the back deck with a line in the water drinking too many…

roses in winter in the south

Tom Week – Winter in the South

1/2/20 – Patriots Fan in The South We’re in Mobile AL, the land of Moon Pies and things hanging from…

bad boy

Short Story – Bad Boy

This is where I tell you the story of the good boy gone bad. Me. They always used to call…

drunken woman

100 Words – Drunken Score

Her face looked like carved marble but was soft as cotton. My pursuit of her was pure folly. She wasn’t…

new jersey parking lot

Tom Week – New Jersey

9/25/19 – Slept Late Checkout time is 11AM. Pat was the first one awake, at 10:20AM. Rush, rush, rush. We…