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Tom Flanders, writer of fiction


100 Words – Hate

Hate is one of my favorite emotions, but most people abuse the word. They say, I hate this or I…

A cell phone tower tree

Tom Week – Get That Vaccination

3/18/21 – Vaccination Day Pat’s second shot and Tonya’s first. At two different CVSs. It was in the high 70’s…

grave-digger shovels

100 Words – Graves and Idiots

Shallow grave my ass! The psycho buried her eight feet deep. It took me and Carl four hours to reach…

wind-blown broken toilet

Tom Week – WIND

3/11/21 – The Flags Are Flying I finally got the energy and concentration together to finish a flags in the…

greed cat

Dr. Socket – Greed

Lana shares her views on economics and her personal efforts at wealth redistribution. Dr. Socket disapproves.


100 Words – Disturb

Clyde hung out the Do Not Disturb sign, pulled the chain and sat on the bed. He pulled out his…

road runner

Tom Week – The Kids

3/4/21 – Visiting With The Kids Chester and Rachael stopped by. Good to see them again. Unfortunately, I got very…

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – How Far Away

Bob and Lorry try to conform to the animator’s will. #heybob #animation    

ax therapy

Ax Therapy

Dr. Socket, Charles and his ax. Unfortunately there are no axes in this world.

creep woods

Short Story – City Folks/Creepy Woods

I thought I had lucked out. A state park with plenty of available spaces right on a lake. Oh what…