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Hey Bob

Hey Bob – How Far Away

Bob and Lorry try to conform to the animator’s will. #heybob #animation    

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Plan 9 Revisited

What happens when you watch terrible movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space. #animation #heybob #plan9fromouterspace

extreme violence

Extreme Violence

Dr. Socket’s group therapy goes awry. #animation #extremeviolence #Dr.Socket  

in the alley

Hey Bob – In The Alley

Bob and Lorry find themselves in a strange new world. #animation #heybob

ax therapy

Ax Therapy

Dr. Socket, Charles and his ax. Unfortunately there are no axes in this world.

say quack


Know when to hold em. Know when to say “Quack.”

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Episode 3

Bob has a problem (as usual)

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Episode 2

Another day in the life of Bob and Lorry

Hey Bob

Hey Bob! – Episode 1

I’m learning a new animation program. Here is my first attempt.

how not to car

How Not to do a How To

How Not To How To I’ve never done a how-to video before. I figured the best way to learn how…