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Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket Meets Clyde

A new patient for Dr. Socket.

Clyde Hates

Clyde Hates …

Clyde hates many things, including himself. Tonight though, he has found a special outlet for his hatred.


Hey Bob – Bunnies

Bob and Lorry fall into yet another alternate universe. Things go about as well as expected.

asking for a raise

Hey Bob – The Raise

Bob and Lorry get more than they bargained for when they ask the animator for a raise.

Dr Socket

Dr. Socket – Election Special

The extreme violence support group plans the future direction of the country.

hungry Junction

Hey Bob – Hungry Junction

Bob and Lorry are transported to my newly created 3D town, Hungry Junction. There are once again ungrateful for the…

Hey Bob

Hey Rancher Bob

Bob underestimates the power of the animator. #heybob #rancher #theanimator

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Urinal Cakes

Dr. Socket and his extreme violence therapy group have an in-depth political discussion.



Waiting. Drinking alone in a crowded bar. The stuff the mind comes up with.

Lorry's Car

Hey Bob – Lorry’s Car

Bob and Lorry fall victim to endless consumerism. I am forced to practice some tough love.