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Clayman's Inferno - Prologue title screen

Clayman’s Inferno – Prologue

Clayman is about to take the journey of his life, or perhaps death. Join him as he ventures through hell…

Dr. Socket - Lust

Dr. Socket – Lust

A new member of the extreme violence support group upsets the balance and libidos of the male members.

Dr. Socket talks sloth

Dr. Socket – Sloth

Dr. Socket and the group discuss sloth, good, evil, insurance fraud and pudding. This is part two of the Seven…

gus at home

Gus @ Home

Gus tries to relax at home but gravity and bad jazz get in the way. This is a further exploration…

Clyde's pride

Dr. Socket – Pride Bad

Dr. Socket and the group discuss Clyde’s pride and his relatively small kill count.

Clayman in traffic

Clayman – Playing In Traffic

Clayman’s daily run is interrupted by an insolent traffic signal. This is another “school” project. I’m learning to animate and…

Gus Flies

Meet Gus

Gus is my first fully human 3D character. This is a quick test of motion, shadow and textured terrain. It’s…

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Forgiveness

Dr. Socket and the gang discuss the mechanisms of forgiveness Never miss another Dr. Socket video. Subscribe to Tom’s YouTube…

mount doom

Hey Bob – Mount Doom

Will Bob and Lorry survive a visit to Mount Doom? Is this the end for our intrepid heroes? Or, like…


Clayman and The Box

My built-from-scratch 3D guy, Clayman, has his first adventure. I built and animated Clayman in Blender. Edited the video in…