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dr. socket

Dr. Socket – Wrath

The extreme violence support group lives up to it’s name causing Dr. Socket to walk out while proclaiming his wrath….


Gus Speaks

Gus speaks about the trauma of parental pranking. This is my first attempt at making a character speak. All feedback…


Clayman’s Inferno – Limbo

Clayman traverses the first circle of hell, encountering the unbaptized masses. How else would one escape limbo.

plow expresses his gluttony

Dr. Socket – Gluttony

The good doctor tries to help Plow with his eating disorder, while Charles tries, but fails, to help.Another in the…



Gus has a mirror-induced identity crisis.

Clayman's Inferno - Prologue title screen

Clayman’s Inferno – Prologue

Clayman is about to take the journey of his life, or perhaps death. Join him as he ventures through hell…

Dr. Socket - Lust

Dr. Socket – Lust

A new member of the extreme violence support group upsets the balance and libidos of the male members.

Dr. Socket talks sloth

Dr. Socket – Sloth

Dr. Socket and the group discuss sloth, good, evil, insurance fraud and pudding. This is part two of the Seven…

gus at home

Gus @ Home

Gus tries to relax at home but gravity and bad jazz get in the way. This is a further exploration…

Clyde's pride

Dr. Socket – Pride Bad

Dr. Socket and the group discuss Clyde’s pride and his relatively small kill count.