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moro bay

Tom Week – The Other Moro Bay

5/21/20 – Moro Bay Not to confused with Morro Bay. The “bay” here is actually just a bend in a…

moving on, big yellow truck

Tom Week – Moving On

5/15/20 – Moving On We made reservations today for our next stop. Two days in Starkville. Back on the road….

errands and squirrels

Tom Week – Squirrels and Errands

5/7/20 – Running Errands According to spellcheck, it’s errands, not errants. Rode my bike to the post office, Walgreens and…

may day on the bike trail

Tom Week – May Day and Beyond

5/1/20 – May Day Managed to avoid all the May Day protests today. My blood sugar is being weird. It’s…

anode rod

Tom Week – Anode Rod

4/24/20 – The Pearl River I went on a 20 mile bike ride today, up and down the Pearl River….

Geese not in Jackson

Tom Week – Jackson

4/16/20 – Not going to Jackson We’ve been here for weeks and I realized today that we haven’t actually been…

bike shopping

Tom Week – Bike Shopping

4/2/20 – Irrational Bike Lanes I discovered that there are way more bike lanes around here than I thought. The…

toy alligator

Tom Week – Alligator Time

3/26/20 – Saw an alligator Sitting in the RV this afternoon I saw a dark lump out on the lake….

finding shelter with pretty flowers

Tom Week – Finding Shelter

3/19/20 – Finding Shelter Today I had to find a park for next week. I found what looked like a…

Alabama sunset

Tom Week – Alabama and Beyond

3/12/30 – The Big A (Alabama) We are in Alabama at the redneckinist RV park ever. It’s another park that’s…