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tunnel, not in Coos Bay

Tom Week – Coos Bay to Sea-Tac

8/13/20 – Coos Bay Chin Masks One of my favorite things about Coos Bay is that it has a lot…

Abigail in Fortuna

Tom Week – Fortuna to Coos

8/7/20 – Fortuna “Oh, Fortuna, blind, heedless goddess, I am strapped to your wheel…” “I’m not a fatalist, but if…

bike gears

Tom Week – Bike Work

7/30/20 – Bike Work Day I changed the gears on my bike and now it’s much easier to ride. I’m…

ocean sunset

Tom Week – at the ocean

7/23/20 – I see the ocean We’re back in Pacifica. This time we’re parked with a view of the ocean….

big trees

Tom Week – The Big Trees

7/16/20 – Crescent City Rolls Turns out that there is no such thing as Crescent City Rolls. How can you…

Albion River Bridge

Tom Week – On bikes and a bridge

7/9/20 – Bike Shopping With Mr. Ed It took a while but I figured out how to hook Irving’s “shopping”…

Irving's replacement

Tom Week – Irving Sad

7/1/20 – Irving is Gone So I don’t need to buy the parts to fix my bike, because the bike…

medical tourism - hospital sign

Tom Week – Medical Tourism

6/25/20 – Medical Tourism Medical tourism is when you go somewhere for purely for medical reasons. You probably figured that…

lawyers in the fog

Tom Week – Fog

6/19/20 – In The Fog Again We are parked on the far edge of the country. It’s foggy, overcast and…

home on wheels

Tom Week – Movable Home

6/11/20 – Oddly At Home We lived so long in California that it still seems oddly like home. We are…