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Tom Week – Alligator Time

toy alligator

3/26/20 – Saw an alligator

Sitting in the RV this afternoon I saw a dark lump out on the lake. I walked down to the shore to what it was. An alligator! It was just floating there so I was able to get a decent picture. Then he submerged and was gone.

3/27/20 – All Along The Spillway

The lake is a weird place wind-wise. No matter which way you are going the wind seems to be in your face. Turns out that is caused by how the spillway was built. Weird.

3/28/20 – Laundry Cart Shopping

Not shopping for a laundry cart. Shopping with a laundry cart. I felt kind of like a bag lady but since I have to walk to the store it made bringing stuff home much easier. It’s only a half mile, but still.

Speaking of shopping; the stores here are starting to fill up again. I found everything I needed except for water.

3/29/20 – Not a tornado

Whatever that was last night it was definitely not a tornado. I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of a train going by. Which is kind of impossible since there are no train tracks anywhere near here. Then it hit me, all those tornado descriptions, “It sounded like a freight train.”

Then the RV started rocking in the wind. Fortunately, that didn’t last too long. The wind died down a bit and the rain came down. It’s a myth that it doesn’t rain hard during a tornado, but it’s a comforting myth.

3/30/20 – Water Day, not

The theory was that stores would get deliveries on Monday morning so there would be plenty of water available. My theory was mostly correct, however I failed to fully define my terms.

By “water” I meant drinking water that does not taste like ass. Dollar General had a shelf full of Dasani. Kroger had a huge pile of Ozarka. Neither is considered drinkable by any of the occupants of the big yellow truck.

3/31/20 – Cold Day in Jackson

It rained hard again last night but no freight train wind. Today is 30 degrees colder than yesterday. Tonya still insisted to go out and rock.

Today I did a bunch of research on the best place to be during the lockdown. The answer might be here.

4/1/20 – Safe Shopping Day

Had to go shopping today. I wore a face mask just in case. Found a bunch more food that’s missing from the shelves.


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Tom Week – Finding Shelter

finding shelter with pretty flowers

3/19/20 – Finding Shelter

Today I had to find a park for next week. I found what looked like a nice one online, but somehow clicked on the wrong link. I called and reserved a week at the wrong park. Fortunately, this park has better ratings and is right on a major bike path. Luck.

I’ve been doing much better controlling my high blood sugar, but there is a price to success. This afternoon my blood sugar dropped to 73. An orange soda and a pear got me back up to normal.

3/20/20 – The Chunky River

We did it! After several zig-zags across the country, we finally crossed the Chunky River. Another item checked off the bucket list.

I have a new hobby. I call it virus shopping. This is the practice of going from store to store, slowly chipping away at the shopping list. It’s amazing how different the stores are. One has no bread, the next has plenty. One has all kinds of water, the next, none. One advantage of traveling is we aren’t limited by local stores.

But seriously, why are people hoarding little boxes of raisins?

3/22/20 – Another lazy day

Not getting much done these days. Writing some. Too wet to ride. I think I need a physical project for days like this.

3/23/20 – Going To Jackson

We’re parked one town away from Jackson, the capitol of Mississippi. It’s a very nice park. We’re thinking of settling here for a while.

3/24/20 – Across The Park

After much confusion we found a spot in the park by the lake that isn’t one of the secret decoder ring spots. We’re here for a month. We’ve never stayed so long in one spot.

3/25/20 – The Police Came

The rules at this park are confusing. The signs disagree with the printed rules which disagree with the web sites which disagree with the guy on the phone. All of that disagrees with the park police, who came to our door to straighten it all out.

So now we are in a waterfront spot for two weeks. Then we have to move, but no further than a space across the road. Yikes


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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: March 25, 2020

Tom Week – Alabama and Beyond

Alabama sunset

3/12/30 – The Big A (Alabama)

We are in Alabama at the redneckinist RV park ever. It’s another park that’s under construction and is going to be great when finished. The office is much more a bait shop than an RV store.

3/13/20 – Friday the 13th

Only one other RV pulled in today. Is it the day? Is it the virus? Who knows.

Went for a bike ride today and got chased by an adorable dog. He was having the best time running along beside me until he had to stop and poop. Then he trotted back home. When I went back past his house he was asleep on the porch.

3/14/20 – Pi Day

I was so caught up watching the disease news that I almost missed pi day. A weird girl with two different shoes on the internet had to remind me. So I watched the movie PI. A feel-good romp if there ever was one.

Central Alabama is good place to be during the virus days. The people who live here don’t leave town much, and people from outside aren’t much motivated to come here.

3/15/20 – The Ides of March

We are in Toomsuba Mississippi, which is east of Meridian. Don’t worry, I never heard of them before yesterday.

Shopping at Walmart was an adventure. I managed to piss off everyone in the checkout line because I found everything I needed except water. Everyone was asking where I found everything. It’s sad that I am a better shopper than other people.

Oh yeah, the Lowes next door had plenty of water.

And gas is cheap here. $1.75 a gallon.

3/16/20 – Roller Coaster Hills

Did thirteen miles and climbed over 800 feet. Good workout. Got chased by two friendly dogs. Saw one Trump flag, one Biden sign and one Bernie sign.

3/17/20 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

More hill riding today. No leprechauns spotted, but I made friends with a horse.

When in the south, you must drink Grapico, the Cadillac of grape sodas.

3/18/20 – Still in Toomsuba

We hunkered down to let the mail catch up to us. It’s weird not moving every few days. We’re here till Friday. Fortunately there are many bikeable back roads.


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Tom Week – Winn-Dixie and More

BYT stopped at Winn-Dixie

3/5/20 – Storms Missed US

Yesterday the news spoke of thunderstorms and tornadoes. Today we got some rain but nothing else. Sometimes I’m glad the weatherman is wrong.

3/6/20 – Stone’s Throw

We are camped just off a highway on-ramp in a funky redneck town. Our stop at the local Winn-Dixie was an adventure in characters. I can’t begin to imagine what the Piggy Wiggly was like.

3/7/20 – Cold Again

Today in the fifties. Two days from now it will be in the eighties. It would almost be better if it stayed cool for a while. Almost.

Oh yeah, Ted Turner lives in this town in a huge mansion down an unmarked road. OK, I made up the road part, but Ted really does live here.

3/8/20 – Stay N Go

We are in a funky little RV park that’s only three months old. They have a way to go but it’s going to be nice. It’s a short walk to a bunch of restaurants. Very convenient. When we pulled in the couple that runs the park were busy, so they told us to park anywhere and they’d catch us later. Love that laid-back attitude.

3/9/20 – Bike Lane Lottery

Went for a bike ride today. According to Google maps my route was “bike friendly.” It was not. At some points there were some wonderful bike lanes. Then they would go away without warning. For much of the ride I had to share the road with very heavy traffic.

Pat is my hero. The people across the way from us were leaving their dog out all day. Pat emailed the park and after a while a guy came and made them take the dog in.

3/10/20 – We’re Doomed

I thought I had lucked out. A state park with plenty of available spaces right on a lake. Oh what a fool I was. One bar on the cell phones means no WIFI. The TV finds no channels. The radio finds no stations. As the sun set a heavy mist formed over the lake. The clouds are blocking the moon. We are in total darkness. Total isolation.

3/11/20 – Canadians in an Airstream

Our new neighbors are very nice, are from Canada, and have an Airstream trailer. Oh yeah, and a nice big dog.

Took a bike ride through the swampland. You can tell we’re almost out of Florida. There are hills all over the place. I road over to the other side of the lake to take a picture of The Big Yellow Truck but the Airstream was in the way.


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Tom Week – Soft Sand

soft sand

2/28/20 – Back in Perry

We’ve been stuck in Florida too long. Walking into to the office at the Perry KOA the clerk yells, “Welcome back Mr. Flanders.”

We’ve been stuck here waiting for my doctor appointment, which finally happened. Unfortunately, this doctor is proving as useless as the last. After a long lecture about having to come see him every month so we can control my diabetes, he doesn’t even check my blood. He has no idea what my A1C is.

On top of that I tried to talk to him about my health concerns, which are what is causing the high blood sugar, but he wasn’t listening.

2/29/20 – Fun With Sewage

It was just one of those days that the excess poo building up in the black water pipes can no longer be ignored. We have equipment to minimize the yuckiness, but it’s still yucky.

Too cold and windy to ride the bike today. Also, I’m trying to give up coke, again, so it’s caffeine withdrawal day. Slight headache and no energy.

3/1/20 – Low energy

I am now fully decaffeinated. I need a new source of energy. Maybe protein bars.

3/2/20 – The Starke Reality

We come here because they are closest to our mailing address. They know us well. The reality though is that Starke is kind of a nothing place, unless you really like guns and camouflage.

3/3/20 – Ice Ice Baby

There was just an ad on TV for the Clay County FL fair. The headliner this year is Vanilla Ice. Too bad we’re gonna be gone by then.

3/4/20 – Soft Sand Dead End

We were looking for an RV park today. They weren’t answering their phone so we figured we’d just drive there. Only it wasn’t there. I went to turn around and got stuck in the soft sand road. I used some leveling blocks for traction and got going again, but I lost the leveling blocks.

I don’t knew if they got flung into to woods or just buried in the sand. I dug around a bit without luck. Finally I gave up.


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Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: March 4, 2020


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