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Tom Week – Storm Crud

sewer crud

2/6/20 – Storm Prep

A big storm is coming. It’s been very windy all day. I put away everything and battened down the hatches. It’s supposed to hit between midnight and 2AM. The TV keeps popping up tornado warnings for counties I’ve never heard of. Such fun.

2/12/20 – The Crud

Been very sick. Stayed in a beautiful state park that we were totally unable to enjoy. The next one had animals.

I’m feeling a little better today. Walked a mile to pick up the rental car. Wound up with a GMC Canyon pickup truck. So yes, I picked up the pickup.

Then I found that out sewer was leaking a bit. Fortunately, I noticed that the seals were cracked a while ago and had replacement parts ready to go. Took only twenty minutes.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


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Tom Week – At The Outpost

BYT at the outpost

1/31/20 – Shower and Laundry Day at the Outpost

Some days you just have to set aside time to clean your clothes and yourself. This park, The Outpost, has expanded greatly over the last year. In that time they’ve doubled the number of washers and driers. Yes, these things become important when you live on the road.

Got in a bike ride this morning and was only run off the road once.

2/1/20 – Rainy Day

We had all kinds of plans today. Farmer’s Market in the morning. Classic car show in the afternoon. Car races in the evening. All canceled by nasty windy rain.

2/2/20 – Palindrome Day

Big wind today. Not able to ride my bike. Tonight is the Super Bowl but we don’t get that channel here. I’m going to try to watch the last quarter on the web. That’s about all the interest I can muster, even though San Francisco is playing. I was always more of a Raiders fan.

2/3/20 – Stalking the UPS guy

Expecting a package today. At 5:30 is still hadn’t arrived. I went out to pick up food and saw the UPS truck pulling out of the RV park. I had to swing the car around but was able to catch him after a couple stops. He had our package but said he was unable to find space 15.

Also had a good bike ride today. Went to the Auburndale Trail. It was smooth and mostly flat. I got carried away and instead of going 15 miles I went 23.

2/4/20 – Back with the manatees

We are back at the Marina on the St. John river. It’s half marina, half RV park. One of the big attractions are the manatees in the river. I haven’t seen one, but Pat has.

2/5/20 – Shopping by bike

Did twelve miles on the bike today, stopping at Walgreens and Winn-Dixie on the way. Apparently, I need bigger saddle bags on the bike.


The rental car had disturbing mileage
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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: February 5, 2020

Tom Week – Back in Orange Land

orange land through the windshield

1/23/20 – Orange Land

We’ve been in Florida(AKA Orange Land) for quite a while and have often wondered where all the oranges are. Today we found them.

This park is much friendlier than the last. Our new neighbors all wave and say hello, even the guy with the Trump flag. We are parked on a little hill. Make we wonder if they have a flooding problem. Fortunately, no rain in sight.

Also, it’s warm again. Yeah!

1/24/20 – Wauchuca Warmth

Got in a good bike ride today. 9.98 miles. Almost 10. Let’s call it 10.

I got invited to play shuffleboard today. Yes, that’s the life I live.

1/25/20 – The Dog Wash Saga

Abigail needs a bath. She’s constantly scratching herself. So we found a car wash that also has a dog watch. Then I found a campground so that the dog wash was mostly on the way. We found the car wash no problem, but the dog wash was closed. Disappointing.

Then we get to the campground and I take Abigail to the fenced-in dog area. You guessed it, they have a dog wash. Yee Hay.

1/26/20 – Kissimmee

It’s rare that you have an eight letter word that only has four letters. We are only four miles from Disney World. The campground is on Seven Dwarves Lane. Tourist helicopters fly overhead all day. At least I hope they’re tourist helicopters.

1/27/20 – Back on Barrier Island

This place is instant relaxation. A county park and bird sanctuary. There also alligators, dolphins and vultures. I guess vultures qualify as birds, just don’t tell them I said that.

1/28/20 – Riding in the Wind

Big wind today. Shouldn’t be surprising for a January on Barrier Island. For the first half of the ride I was going straight into the wind. Averaged 7 miles an hour. On the way back, with the wind, 14 miles an hour. Yee Haw Indeed.

1/29/20 – Back in Space 15

We are The Outpost, one of our favorite places. We were last here Thanksgiving week, in this very same spot. The ducks are still here.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 30, 2020

Tom Week – Ocala to Pine Island

duck not in Ocala

1/18/20 – Last Day in Ocala

We stayed here in Ocala for a week because I was hoping to get a Dr. appointment right away. Didn’t happen. So we had to just hang out in the land of malls for a while. A nice park, but not much for scenery at our spot.

1/19/20 – The Unpronouncable City

We are in Thonotosassa Florida. Even the people who live here disagree on how it’s pronounced. Today was hot, humid and occasionally rainy. Tomorrow is going to be 20 degrees cooler. Winter winter go away.

1/20/20 – Suspect Neighbors

Drug dealers, Trump supporters, people living in school buses and a guy who switches the magnetic signs on his pickup truck a couple times a day. I love this place. The ducks are cool too.

1/21/20 – Go South Old Man

This is the furthest south we’ve been in Florida. This is what I picture when I think of Florida. Tiny shacks of businesses lining the road. Much funkiness. Too bad it’s so very cold.

1/22/20 – Pine Island

When people talk about not being able to find a campground in Florida, what they mean is the southern third of Florida. I just spent 90 minutes finding nothing that didn’t cost over $100 a day. Turned back north and found a $40 spot with WIFI and cable TV.

Called one park that wouldn’t let us in because we have three people. That’s a new one.


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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 22, 2020

Tom Week – Into The Warmth

gnome is warmth

1/9/20 – Warmth Returns

Today was not cold. Yee Haw! Got to ride my bike for the first time this year. Just ten miles but it’s a start.

1/10/20 – Starke Again

The full moon, the wolf moon, is watching us. It hit 80 degrees today. Back in the real Florida.

Ed Kookie Byrnes is dead and I can’t get the song out of my head.

1/11/20 – Too hot and humid

It’s really all that hot, but the transition from a 30 degree morning two days ago to an 80 degree day with 100% humidity is a bit severe.

Didn’t sleep last night because I was obsessing about my crushes video. This morning I made some changes and I’m happier now.

1/12/20 – Ocala for a Week

Time to find a new doctor. We’ve been here before, but only for a couple days at a time. This time we’ve been put on the other side with the long-timers. No highway noise over here. Because of a tree we have a large lot. Nice.

Stopped at a McDonalds today. I ordered Pat’s fish sandwich, but they were out of fish. So I ordered McNuggets, but they were out of those too. So we went to the next McDonalds. While I was waiting in line I overheard the assistant manager on the phone, “How the hell do you run out of McNuggets?”

1/13/20 – New Doctor

I made an appointment for a new doctor today. Unfortunately, since he’s a good doctor, he doesn’t have an opening till next month. Guess we’ll be wandering around Florida for a while.

1/14/20 – Strava Cheating

I rode ten miles on my bike. The Strava map of my ride looks like a backwards outline of Nevada. The leaderboard shows that I have the 41st best time for the only segment on the ride. The fastest is a guy that did the 2.5 mile segment in 2.5 minutes. Yes, that’s 60 miles per hour, on a bicycle. Apparently cheating is allowed.

1/15/20 – A Tale of Two Goodwills

First, the Ocala Goodwill Supercenter: A very upscale place with aisles of brand new stuff. No good junk.

Second, the Ocala Goodwill Outlet: A big room full of bins. Everything, clothes, books, housewears, all in bins. Nothing really good, at least for me. VERY nice people though.

1/16/20 – Critters

The pond here in the park is full of all kinds of birds and fish.

Did a nice bike ride today. Lots of hills.


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