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view out front door

Tom Week – Broken Ribs Healing

4/15/21 – Slow Better I mostly slept last night, though I had to get up to pee four times. Drinking…

road rash

Tom Week – The Ambulance et al

4/8/21 – Do I Need An Ambulance? I went for a bike ride, despite feeling the side-effects of the COVID…


Tom Week – April Tools Day

4/1/21 – April Tools Day Spent the morning in pursuit of tools. Home Depot had the 15mm wrenches I need….

temp fix is a foot

Tom Week – Feet to Sway Bars

3/25/21 – Something is a foot My left foot actually. It started hurting last night, for some unknown reason, and…

wind in Pacifica

Tom Week – Pacifica’s Wind

2/25/21 – Store Closed In search of a new battery charger I wound up at Best Buy, but they were…

Pismo Beach RVs

Tom Week – Pismo Again

2/18/21 – Crowded Pismo When we were here a month ago the campground was about a third full and downtown…

metal horse seen on long bike ride

Tom Week – Long Bike Ride

2/11/21 – Twenty Miles around Visalia Unintentionaly long bike ride today. I stopped to take a break at what I…

Geese, not roosters

Tom Week – Geese, Roosters, Etc.

2/4/21 – Geek Orthodox Ground Hog Day I went for a surprising bike ride today. Surprising that I made it…

insane sheep

Tom Week – Visiting Insane

1/28/21 – Insane Work Done It’s still raining. We are all stuck inside. I did however get an insane amount…

Charles expresses envy

Dr. Socket – Envy

Charles the Psycho Bunny is jealous of Lana’s affection for Clyde. Will his attempts to tear them apart succeed? And,…