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Tom Week – Life in Flor-odd-a

Stuff in Flor-odd-a

It should be called Flor-odd-a


Finally have all my meds. The nice woman at Walgreens had to call the CVS in Oklahoma five times before they faxed her what she needed to fill my prescription.

We left the wonderful lake behind. There’s nothing wrong with the new campground, but there’s no lake to look at. It’s also not very level. The jacks are unhappy. I may have to get out the lego blocks to lift the tires.


I did thirteen miles on the bike today along the only road that Google Maps said had bike lanes. Along the way I saw several side roads that had nice wide bike lanes. Apparently I need a better source for bike route planning.


Lazy day. Saving up my energy to half-watch the Super Bowl. (Or maybe the puppy bowl.)

We got creepy new neighbors. Their rig does not look new, but it’s in good shape. It has a paper license plate from Ohio that expires in two weeks. The RV doesn’t appear to have ever been in snow. The weirdest part is that they needed two of the camp people to help them hook up. Like it was their first time.

Also, I may have discovered the route of my blood sugar problem. Running an experiment tonight. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.


We’re back in Starke FL, which is the closest park to our mailing address. What I had forgotten until we got here is that this is where we were when we had to Rex down. His spirit is haunting us.

My blood sugar was still high this morning but it’s trending lower today. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


Picked up the rental car this morning. Another Toyota Camry. Then a ten mile bike ride. Found more bike lanes that don’t show up on Google Maps.

Later did laundry. Bad pain day for Pat. I don’t think I helped much.

Blood sugar better again, but still too high.


Rode my bike to make a Dr. appointment. Slowly conquering the details. More laundry to do.


We got the RV’s VIN notarized today. Tomorrow we take all our paperwork to the DMV and see what happens. Did 13 miles on the bike all on long flat empty roads. Bliss.


abigail the dog

Abigail is sure those French fries were meant for her.


I thought our RV was complicated.

white vehicles

We are camping in the land of white vehicles.

parking lot with race vehicles

Just another day at Cracker Barrel

Walgreens sign

Something odd is happening at this Walgreens

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: February 7, 2019

Tom Week – Blood Sugar Alley

beer and blood sugar


I did something to my knee and got no sleep last night. I wore a knee brace today and it’s doing so much better now.

We’ve been driving around the area for the last week and the overwhelming characteristic is uniformity. All these little cities just blend together and if it wasn’t for the signs you’d have no clues to where you were. That’s not to say that there’s nothing worth seeing or doing. Just not that much. It’s pretty though.

I’m holding steady blood sugar wise. If the insurance doesn’t come through on Monday I’m going to have to pay for it myself.


Went to the drug store to get my diabetes meds. The insurance hasn’t cleared but I’m sick and need them now. Only, the guy at the counter wouldn’t give them to me. He said that I should wait until the insurance clears. I told him how sick I was but he told me to wait, so I left.

A couple hours later I get a text from the drug store saying my meds are ready for pickup. When I go there the pharmacist apologizes to me and make the tech apologize as well. She tells him that if I wound up in the emergency room it would have been his fault. Fun.

Tonight I went to open night at Auburndale Speedway. Much fun. I was surrounded by people speaking French. Snowbirds from Quebec. The racing was great but it was very cold. Unfortunately when it’s very cold all the smokes go to the men’s room. Just a few minutes in there and I reek of smoke. I had to put my clothes outside in a trash bag.


It was a dark and stormy day. The diabetes meds are slowing taking control. Feeling better.

So what’s the deal with the Pro Bowl? It’s like an all-star game for second-stringers. Now players from the best two teams are there so it’s like the best of the rest. Football’s Miss Congeniality.


Slept very late this morning. Nice. As happens some times my blood sugar spiked high today. Fortunately it came spiraling back down to almost normal levels. Also nice.


Today we had to unhook and go buy propane. It was the best adventure we’ve had in a while. I went on Google Maps and searched for “propane.” The closest place was 5.3 miles away. We were off.

The place turned out to be a u-haul rental place and chicken farm. The guy who runs it has to be close to 100. While the propane was filling we walked around and saw chickens, roosters, ducks, geese and one very scared dog tied to a trailer. My highlight was finding a fresh egg just laying on the ground.

Oh yes, and the white hearse sitting behind the office.


We got a new windshield today. It’s name is Duncan. The guys who did it were amazingly fast and efficient. Like they’ve done this hundreds of times, which of course, they have. Now we can drive without worry. Huzzah!


Good bike ride today. Afterwards my blood sugar was 206. That’s my best reading in many weeks. Two hours later I was at 404. Fun with spikes!



At the propane place and chicken farm there were eggs just laying there on the ground.

glass truck

The windshield guys came out to the campground to fix our windshield. Did I explain that right?


One of the glass guys was an aging biker rock star.

Duncan the windshield

Our new windshield’s name is Duncan.

auburndale speedway

A cold Saturday night at Auburndale Speedway

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Tags: ,, | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 31, 2019

Tom Week – Florida Surprises

Florida Surprises


I must be getting better. I’m feeling restless. I still have no energy, but I’m getting there. I hate wasting these warm days.

Feeling better today. Did laundry at a real nice laundromat and walked Abigail at the downtown dog park. Starting to put together my plans for 2019. Nothing ground-breaking, just more of the good and less of the bad.

Woke up late this morning with a ton of energy. Started to get stuff done but my illness jumped me from behind. Maybe tomorrow.

Today, energy in the morning again, but it didn’t fall off later.

Finally got done some of the work that’s been piling up when I was sick. It feels good.

So suddenly I’m eating like a grown-up. I don’t know what triggered it but it’s nice to not have to run to the rest room after yet another greasy cheeseburger.

Bad blood sugar day. We got back from shopping and I wasn’t feeling well. Fortunately I’ve gotten better at dealing with high numbers. Checking every hour I went 571, 488, 419, 364. I just ate and will check again in two hours. As long as I can it down under 300 before bed I’ll be fine.

Ten mile bike ride. Nap on the hammock. Warm day. No humidity. Bliss.

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Not my permanent doctor, but I should be able to enough meds till I get to see him or her.

I sat out in the cold and watched the lunar eclipse happen. I took some pictures but they aren’t nearly as good as what I saw through my binoculars.

The doctor appointment went well today. My new insurance went through at the Minute Clinic. It did not however work at CVS. Later, it did work at Walgreens. I should have the pills tomorrow.

Well, I have half my pills. The other should be cleared through bureaucracy in a couple days. The woman at Walgreens was most helpful.

Nice bike ride today. 14 miles.


wood stork

This huge bird is a wood stork. Wikipedia says it has a five foot wingspan.

bridge sign

They actually name the bridges along the bike paths. Impressive.

decayed building

There is a surprising amount of industrial decay in the part of Florida.

steep hill sign

It’s a good thing they put that sign there or I might not have noticed the hill.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 24, 2019

Tom Week – Logical Thought


Watched football today. A great way to entirely shut down all logical thought.

Here in Orlando we have many explosions. As midnight approaches I don’t expect relief. Fireworks are illegal here but the police don’t enforce it on New Year’s eve in order to discourage people from shooting guns into the air.

Great bike ride today. I did 13.4 miles. I rode a little slower than usual and stopped to take several pictures. Including one of an alligator. It was a cute little thing, sunning it self on a rock.

Moving on tomorrow. Been sitting still too long.

It hit 662 followers today. Hopefully I can get a screenshot when I hit 666.

Up to 665. So close.

Missed it! 670 followers this morning.

Six more followers today. Now 676. That’s 28 new followers in two days. That’s great, but I’m now following so many people that I can’t read all these great writers posts every day.

Today on my bike ride I passed a cemetery where a cat laid looking at a tombstone. I stopped and took a picture. It wanted me to go away, so I did.

Phantom stress keeps jumping me at bedtime. No matter how happy I start to become there is always some problem waiting to mess me up. I will beat this. I will be happy.

Twenty mile bike ride today. Wonderful trail, probably used to be train tracks. Nice gentle hills. The best part was that along a large part of the trail were wooden fences covered with pictures.

I’m sick. It sucks.

I promise, I won’t mention this again, at least for a while, I hit 700 followers on Twitter.

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 10, 2019

Tom Week – Wrestling



Friday night I went to the I BELIEVE IN WRESTLING free holiday show. The audience was small but we all had a great time. It’s a wrestling school that has some pretty good students but they do not take themselves too seriously.

I sat next to a lesbian couple who had never seen live wrestling before. One of them just kept saying, “This is the gayest thing I have ever seen.”

I was going to buy a t-shirt but the woman behind the table was busy breast-feeding her child.

So much fun.


I’ve become too dependent on technology. The rental car’s GPS sucks. Three times now it has led us totally astray. You’d think I’d learn.

Thinking a lot today about what I want to be when I grow up. You all know I want to be a writer, but now I have to develop my personal definition of what it is to be a writer.


The plan and the story form from nothingness. Like blocks of ice melting and evaporating in reverse. The characters become real. the scenes spill onto the page. Only the plot eludes me. I just need to spend more time writing.


13.6 miles today. 8 miles to 1100. I am going to do this.


Yes, I’m still, slowly, working on school. Having trouble finding motivation. Like if I finish school then I’ll get a job which means we can’t wander at will.

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: December 28, 2018

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