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RVing – Georgia to Florida

Florida Swamp


We’re in Savannah GA for one night because there is no spot for us tomorrow night. Either something is going on in town that we can’t find any info on, or it’s just like this all the time. All the parks, that we’d actually want to stay at, are all full.


Today we drove to Townsend GA. The RV park has an old boat for an office and surrounds a beautiful little lake. Good WiFi!


I replaced the bathroom light today. It works but I don’t trust the spring mount. I’ll see if it stays put when we travel. If it does then I’ll replace the rest of the burned out lights.


FLORIDA!!!! Temperatures in the 70’s! We’re in a small town I’ve never heard of. Tomorrow we explore.


All the rain in the sky fell on us today. Good day to get nothing done. Still hot and humid.


Second of December and we had to turn on the air conditioning today. If you are ever in Starke FL eat at Grannie’s. You won’t be sorry or hungry.

There is a creature hole next to our RV. According to Google Images it’s a snake hole. Oh boy.


Today we went to the mail-forwarding place to fill out forms. While there they told us everything we need to do to become Florida residents. It’s nothing too hard but there are steps and an order to those steps. Nothing we can’t handle.


bathroom door

Funky looking, but it keeps the gators out of the restrooms.


This ain’t no big city park.

land-locked ship

The best campground office EVER!


Tonya rocks! Literally, that’s a folding rocking chair.

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Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: December 3, 2018

RVing – From Lazy to Locks

lazy dogs


Laundry day. Lazy day. Had a good nap.


Grocery store run. Pet store run. Lunch at Bob Evans. I haven’t been to one of those since my brother Jim took me when I was visiting him in Toledo. Tonya wanted fish but was happy when she got bacon and eggs.

It’s Thanksgiving eve and the park is full. I’ve never seen so many RVs before.


I dropped Abigail at the boarder then went and flew to Rhode Island. Pat, Tonya and Rex stayed in the RV. It was 18 degrees in Worcester and there were 18 of us for Thanksgiving dinner.


The trip back home to the RV took 12 hours. Oddly, I found it enjoyable.


Pouring rain this morning but I couldn’t wait to go get Abigail. She wasn’t all that happy to see me. Later, she forgave me for leaving her behind and put her head in my lap.


The RV’s door lock broke today. Fortunately Pat was inside and I was outside so we were able to work together to get the door opened. This little plastic part broke disabling the latch. Unfortunately there is no way of fixing it so we have to replace the whole lock. Fortunately we are in a city with many RV parts places.

Also fortunately, this didn’t happen while I was away for Thanksgiving.


Yeah, Camping World had the lock we needed. It took longer to go pick it up than it did to install it. Best part is; the old lock had two keys and the new one has only one. One Key Less!


business card

The neighbor girls have the cutest business card EVER!


Jenn in her natural habitat.


Ann never doesn’t have a laptop or cell phone in hand.


The bird is demanding equal time with the dogs.

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Tags: ,, | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: November 26, 2018

RVing – South Again (with donkeys)



Rain rain go away. Weird weather. Last night it got warmer as the night went along. Then today it got colder as the day went along.

Pat got a new sewing machine and a crock pot today. This is the exciting life we live.


Heading south again. We’re in Wilson NC. There are donkeys here.


Spent a lazy day sitting in the rain. Haven’t seen the donkeys yet, but I heard one.


Easy drive to Myrtle Beach. Got good pictures of the donkeys.


When renting a car and they ask if you want to upgrade, always say no. Because if you say no you will probably get the upgrade for free. It’s happened to me several times, including today.


We are sinking into the sand. The plastic tire supports are buried. Every day an adventure.


We found a place for Abigail to stay while I’m in Worcester. Got lost a little while driving today. Unfortunately it’s hard to stay lost in Myrtle Beach for very long.


yellow RV

The Winnebago Brave moored in the land of donkeys.

food wagon

You never know what you’ll find at a roadside campground.


There were many birds near this little pond, but none of them were chickens.

donkey stable

This two donkeys were too comfy in their little shed to come out to visit.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: November 19, 2018

RVing – The Low Country

old low country truck


We are now in Charleston SC, AKA, The Low Country. I love that name. There are cows in the campground and a fishing pond with alligator warning signs. Also, it was 80 degrees today with about 100% humidity. Welcome to November in the south.


Didn’t see any alligators today, but when I took a shower there was a tree frog in there with me.


Hot and humid here in the Low Country. Sorting through the good and bad of yesterday’s election. Still haven’t seen an alligator.


We are in Holden Beach NC. The camp hosts live in a Winnebago Brave as well.


We’re spending the weekend on Emerald Island NC. Beach town but not as crazy as Myrtle Beach. The allegedly have 15 miles of bike trails. We’ll find out tomorrow.

On the way here we drove by Camp Lejeune, where Marines are trained.


I hate to admit this but it looks like Winter is going to happen.


Back in Virginia Beach. The clerk at KOA recognized the RV and welcomed me back. Pat noticed that today is day 100 of our trip.


Woke this morning to water pouring out from under the RV. Pat heard water running in the night but was unable to wake me. Yes, when I get going I sleep HARD. Fortunately, the source of the water was the fresh water tank overflow, so we weren’t dumping sewage or anything bad.

A bit of research and we found that the “check valve” on the water pump got stuck open. Pumping some water out of the tank unstuck the valve and fixed the problem. (Sigh of relief)


go hawks

Even in the swamps of the low country, some people never leave Iowa


Apparently, the is where Canadian Geese spend the winter.


This pile of mushrooms is aiming for world domination.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: November 12, 2018

RVing – Quiet Halloween

Tonya Halloween


We are in Four Oaks North Carolina. Long drive today, I’m vewy tiyad.


Another long drive today but we are in Myrtle Beach. We’ll be here a couple weeks at least. Time for rest, riding and school work.


Sitting in the dark on Halloween. No kids here. Too bad. The weather here is wonderful.


Rode my bike today. Felt so good. We’re starting to plan the Thanksgiving trip.


The advantage of being in a giant tourist area is that if you drive long enough you will find the perfect restaurant. We moved down the street a bit to a new RV park, Pirate Land. Tacky and huge. We are about fifty yards from the ocean.


Tonight I can actually hear the waves slowly crashing. There’s a storm out there somewhere. Tonya was outside in her rocking chair for a long time. Happy child. Our plans are changing on a daily basis. I love it.


The birds here in Pirateland are amazing. We have herons, Canadian geese, swans, ducks and a hawk that loves fish.


Kangaroo Gas

Don’t be fooled. There are no kangaroos working here.

shell in tire tracks

This shell survived being run over by the RV. You can just make out the tire tracks in the picture.


This heron was very helpful to the fisherman. He offered to carry their heavy buckets of fish for them.


For national sandwich day Pat made the perfect toasted cheese sandwich

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