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Freedom is just another name for owning an RV

happy times no swearing sign

RVing – Happy Times

10/22/18 Errand day. Pat got an eye exam and we got a new phone plan. Oh, and Abigail chased a…

Virginia outhouse

RVing – West Virginia to Virginia

10/15/18 Another rainy day. Tonya is bored to death. Pat says we might need to build an arc. 10/16/18 The…

rainy west virginia

RVing – Tennessee to West Virginia

10/8/18 We are in Crossville TN which for some reason is five to ten degrees cooler than the surrounding towns….

cost of freedom

RVing – The cost of escape

10/1/18 Got lost today on our way out of Oklahoma. Missed a turn somewhere and wound up on a roller-coaster…

crows in OKC

RVing – OKC

9/24/18 On my bike ride today I only saw one critter, an adult male elk. Unfortunately he was locked in…

rental upgrade

RVing – Upgrade

9/10/18 We rented a car today. The rental place was downtown so I decided to ride my folding bike. That…

Irony pool, not Flagstaff

RVing – Flagstaff, Gallup, Albuquerque

9/3/18 Drove to Flagstaff in the rain. Thunder and lightning, but we managed to miss the hail. Funky little park…


RVing – Abigail wants to drive

8/20/18 Abigail wants to drive. We’re in Gilroy at the park where we’ve probably spent more time then all other…

casa de fruta

RVing – Casa de Fruta

8/13/18 We are at Casa de Fruta in Hollister. It’s quiet and the WIFI is great. We checked in for…

Moss Landing

RVing – Moss Landing to Prunedale

LOG: 8/6/18 Today we drove to Moss Landing. Going down the highway the windshield was hit by what we thought…