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RVing – Cleaning

cleaning the roof?


Cracker Barrel then the hardware store. We are so white trash.


Finally got up the energy to start cleaning out the bins. Goodwill is going to be happy.


Today we moved to Auburdale FL. We are in the prettiest RV park ever. We have a lake out our front window. Swimming is allowed in the lake but as usual they warn of alligators and snakes.


Today I had to pick up the rental car at the airport across the street, The Winter Haven Municipal Airport. It was weird walking into what seemed to be the minimally functional operational version of an airport. It had everything you would expect in an airport but at the barest minimum possible.

Later we had lunch at a real drive-in restaurant. The only thing missing was the roller skates. The food was good, cheap and gassy.


The birds came today to beg for bread. Pat gave them some. They were happy.

Weird weather for Florida. It was warm but there was no humidity. Nice breeze.


Windy windy windy today. The Spanish Moss has become tumbleweeds. Even Abigail was covered at one point.

On the road to lunch we saw an actual DUMP TRUMP billboard. Surprising in these lands.


Warmer today. Less wind. Abigail LOVES her new dog bed. We think the wind knocked over the TV antenna because we are only getting three channels. I’ll check tomorrow. Not climbing on the roof in the dark.


white bird

That three is chock full of yummy little insects

more birds

Tom, give us bread! Pat gave us bread.


Sunset in Winter Haven. No gators in sight.

dog bed

Like I said, Abigail really loves her new dog bed.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 21, 2019

RVing – Merry Christmas

merry christmas buggy


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Last night we were visited by the Christmas Caroling Golf Cart Parade. This is a great park. Today we took Abigail to the dog park. She actually played a little with some of the big dogs. Later I went for a bike ride. Christmas in Florida!


Boxing day without the boxes. Today was our monthly vet visit. Abbie did very well with the other dogs. We went shopping for a dehumidifier but found nothing but humidifiers. You wouldn’t think that central Florida would a big market for humidifiers.


Relaundry today. We discovered mold in the closets and I had to wash every shirt and pants I own. Last night Abigail had a bad digestive reaction to her new ear meds and we had to clean up after her a couple times. Such fun.


My sister Ann and her wife Jenn are visiting. Our first guests in the RV.


Zoom zoom! My sister Ann and I went to Andretti Karting in Orlando. Much fun. We raced on track #2 which has big hills and tight corners. I spent most of the session trying to get around one guy. I wound up with the 4th fastest time, just .095 seconds behind third place.

Ann was a few seconds slower but she kept getting caught behind a VERY slow racer.


Had a great lunch at a place I found on Google Maps. My favorite part of looking for new places is reading the reviews. Not the good ones, the one-star ones. If all the other reviews are positive, you can be pretty sure the bad reviewers are assholes.




New Year’s Day. 80 degrees. Yee-Haw! Finally got a to see a real live alligator.


bicycle statue

This very funky bike sculpture is in downtown Oakland FL.


One does not usually expect to see zebras in Florida.


The current campsite is overloaded with this cute little lizards. Abigail is watching them.


A family of peacocks crossed the road by the bike path. That’s dad bring up the rear.


This mighty warrior just chased off two other squirrels to claim the winner’s share of the acorns.


Finally, an actual alligator. He was only about four feet long.

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Tags: ,, | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 1, 2019

RVing – Cracked Windshield for Christmas

cracked windshield


The windshield is cracked. Sad. It’s a stress crack which is almost impossible to fix. Fortunately there is a Winnebago dealer nearby and we have an extended warranty. Mostly just an annoyance.

The rental car has the worst GPS in the history of such devices. It took us four tries to find a WalMart. Yes, we’re in Orlando Florida and had trouble finding a WalMart. Technology lets us down.


Rode my bike today. 20 miles. Went to the store to prepare for tomorrow’s big storm. Pat started putting up Christmas decorations. So cute.


Heavy rain today. Spent most of the day watching the tornado alerts come and go on TV. Slowly putting up the Christmas decorations.


Went to Harbor Freight today. They were sold out of everything I wanted. That’s what I get for being a cheapskate who procrastinates. Later I went to a local wrestling school’s free holiday show. It was wonderfully bad.


The rental car’s GPS lied to us again. We went looking for Smash Burger but the GPS took us elsewhere. We finally found it, after having a very nice lunch at Fuddruckers.


Two days before Christmas and we went to the malls. There were lots of people but they were much better behaved than back in California. We took Abigail to PetsMart to be groomed. According to her report card she was well-behaved.

I finally got around to decorating our little pseudo-Christmas tree. It’s cute and colorful.


Christmas Eve. I spent the afternoon doing laundry. I got to talk to several friendly people. It was almost fun. Then later Pat discovered mold in our clothes closets. So now there’s a whole new pile of clothes to wash.



Nothing says Christmas like tinsel and plastic fish.

Christmas tree and RV

We had to put lights in the dashboard so the RV wouldn’t be jealous of the tree.


Went to the best free wrestling school show ever. Kind of like a really violent dance recital.

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Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: December 24, 2018

RVing – The Acorns! The Acorns!



The acorns kept us up most of the night. It’s amazing how loud a little nut bouncing off fiberglass can be. Sleepy day. Looking for the next stop. So many choices.


Every day seems to be errand days these days.


Laundry day. One of the dryers here at the park didn’t work very well. Had a load of still-wet clothes and no more quarters. The park office was also out of quarters. So I put the wet clothes in the stinky rental car and went to a real laundromat up the street.


We’re in Daytona! Drove past the track. It’s huge! Mostly it rained. Lots of sitting in the RV. The road through the Ocala National Forest is lined with all the trees that ever existed. Oak, palm, evergreen, all mixed together at random.


This morning when I took Abigail out for a walk I head a noise familiar but misplaced. After a minute I realized I was hearing race cars at the speedway, which is only five miles away. What was unfamiliar was the constant engine sound. I’m used to short tracks which have a pattern of noise, quiet, noise and quiet again. Each lap lasting 15 to 30 seconds.

Oh yeah, we had a mold attack today. Around the windows and the door all this mold appeared out of nowhere. Fortunately it cleaned up easy.


This morning we drove around Daytona Beach and Pat and I decided that we didn’t see anything engaging so we went to Orlando. Well, there aren’t really any RV parks IN Orlando so we wound up at a park south of Orlando which has a bunch of inaccurate reviews on the RV search website.

Tomorrow we’ll be checking out some parks west of Orlando.


Tonight we are in Winter Garden Florida. It’s a nice park with a mix of types of RVs. We’re here for two weeks.

We bought a pseudo-Christmas tree today. It’s not the usual pine tree but it’s close. It’s alive in a pot so not as much dead as usual. We went to Lowes and we were lucky to get one of the last trees. Yes, they are out of trees. I got this one for $5. It’s a bit too big to fit inside the RV so tomorrow we are getting outside Christmas lights and decorations for it.


St. Francis

The plaque said this is St. Augustine but it’s actually St. Francis

Christmas Dragon

In Florida the Christmas Dragon is a tradition dating back moments.

New England sign

Our street sign at the park. The guy next to us was from Pittsburgh. In the south, that’s New England.

mouse mountain

How could we not stay at an RV park called Mouse Mountain?

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Tags: | Comments (2) | Author: Tom | Published: December 17, 2018

RVing – Getting Things Done

RV getting things done


Two trips to WalMart today. The first to buy a little printer. The second to buy printer paper. Turns out that printers are next to useless without the paper. Thinking ahead is the secret to getting things done.


Laundry day. I never thought I would be the kind of person who would ever say anything like this; They have really good washers and dryers at this park.


Crumby day. Rex couldn’t stand up this morning. I had to hold him up to eat. The vet was very nice and comforting.


We’ve gone deep enough into Florida that we’ve hit our first senior’s park. Yes we qualify as seniors. Well, Tonya is off by one year, but two out of three is enough. Abigail is happy. There are many squirrels here.


77 degrees today. It’s snowing in North Carolina. Looks like we made the right choice location-wise this week. Rain tomorrow.


Lots of rain last night and today, but it’s snowing only two states away so I’m not complaining. The rental car stinks. Literally, it smells so bad inside we have to cover our mouths. If it doesn’t improve tomorrow I’m taking it back.


The car stinks a bit less today. I figure the smell will be completely gone by Friday when I return it. Busy afternoon. Petco, Verizon, UPS Store, Post Office 1, Post Office 2. Still have a list of stuff that needs doing.



The pretty white bird loses its elegance when it scoops up rodents and swallows them whole.

speed limit sign

If you exceed the speed in a Florida campground they threaten to sick the gators on you.


Just in case the rodents and reptiles aren’t scary enough, Buzzy stops by and “watches” you.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: December 10, 2018


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