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Tucking in the new RV

An afternoon in Pacific Grove
Pat and her scooter

Pat prepares to scoot about

Pat smiling

Pat loves the ocean


Pelican posing


Seagull, also posing


The shore


A rare picture of the whole gang


Tonya, not going down the steep steps

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Sick, wrong and wonderful

RVing at the Pub

A couple weeks ago we stayed at an RV park in Half Moon Bay which was right behind a British Pub. It was a way funky place though still a work in progress.


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First Trip in New RV

Over the holiday weekend we took the new RV out for a day trip. It’s been too cold to go camping but the wanderlust got the best of us. It went well though we found that it doesn’t handle the bumpy twisty roads as well as our last RV, mostly because it’s much wider and we are riding right over the wheels.

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