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The random thoughts that pop into my head

Stupid Questions and Random Thoughts

“That would have worked if your truck was Jesus.” – Brad Loekle A man once told me that there are…

Random Thoughts – 9/7/15

Stuff from beyond the valley of the mind

Random Thoughts Aug 26

Head hurts

Random Thoughts Aug 5

Stuff that escaped from my head

Random Thoughts

Odd thoughts

Random thoughts

I can’t help it

Random Mid-May Thoughts

I thought so, randomly

Random Thoughts – Late April 2015

Avoid German bagpipers. Click your heels together, say “Nina Hagen” three times and see what happens. Is there a braille…

Random Thoughts

My new depression ritual; Corner Gas marathon Why does the best writing advice come from fictional characters? If you understand…

Random Thoughts – 2/1/15

There is nothing like a weekend in Gilroy to revive the soul. Why would anyone with a medical condition that…