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The random thoughts that pop into my head

tin soldier

Elvis sings the devil’s song (One Tin Soldier)

Background So here’s the deal. There was an innocent little anti-war song sung by a Canadian band called The Original…

random thoughts

Random Thoughts – mid May

When promises become scarce you’ll need jumper cables and Vaseline. Follow the lark, for she knows where she goes. Avoid…

random thoughts

Between random and thought

Random thoughts falling between random and thought, and then random again. Rocketing between boredom and depression, lost in a landscape…

random thoughts

Acid and sugar – random thoughts

My blood is acid and sugar. (That sounds much cooler than saying I have gout and diabetes.) I’m giddy as…

random thoughts

Bad nostalgia and other thoughts

Bad nostalgia mashup: Boxcar Willie Whistle (Like if that gives you the shivers!)   The clerk at the pet store…

random thoughts

The bottles are calling and other musings

The bottles are calling. Do me a favor and tell them to shut up. My foot is almost completely deswollen….

The year of the pog and other musings

Will 2016 be the year of the virtual pog? Notice how you never see Donald Trump and Quentin Tarantino in…

Random thoughts for winter

Do universities give bad people dishonorary degrees? Most nights I lie awake trying to figure out why I overthink everything….

Haiku In A Week (and other thoughts)

This year I don’t have the time or energy to commit to Novel in a Month. So instead I’m doing…

Dragonfly and other thoughts

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