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Stories and essays containing 100 words


100 Words – To The Landfill

The woman with the clipboard met me at the landfill gate. My little blue pickup truck was out of place…

white angel

100 Words – White Angel

Standing in a cemetery, staring at the white angel headstone. The grave she watches over sitting at a jaunty angle,…

walking in Poland

100 Words – Walking Awake

Raul awoke mid stride. Instead of being asleep in the back seat of his car, he found himself walking down…


100 Words – Gator Baiting

The children stood in a half-circle at the edge of the pond, shouting. In the circle was a toad eating…


100 Words – Mannequin

We worshiped the mannequin in the tree fort. Its name was Eugene. We gave it funky clothes and crayon tattoos….

sanity search

100 Words – Sanity

Smiley’s goal of sanity seemed insurmountable. The voices and visions that occupied his mind appeared to be invincible. Reality was…

my lizard friend

Tom Week – Lizard Friend

4/10/20 – Our Lizard Friend The lizard friend is back on the hose. There is a spiderweb there and he…


100 Words – Seagulls

The station wagon was full of the cellar junk I helped my father load. This was the first of what…


100 Words – Dream Scream

Never learn how to scream in your dreams. You will regret it. That paralysis is there to protect you and…


100 Words – The Cliff

I stood at the top of the tremendous cliff pulling her up. She wasn’t sure this was a good idea…