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100 Words – Curiosity

cat curiosity

“Curiosity killed the cat.” That’s what teachers told us when we became too inquisitive. We were supposed to learn what they wanted us to learn, not what we wanted to learn. We weren’t supposed to question what they taught us no matter how stupid and unrealistic it seemed.

Columbus discovered America, even though there were already people here. Thou shalt not kill, unless there’s a war, then it’s OK. The president is lying to us to protect us.

Then they killed Andy. Beaten to death with metal rulers in the boiler room. The head teacher said, “See, we told you.”

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: February 22, 2020

100 Words – Customer Service

customer service worker

The directions for the hot rollers were intentionally confusing because Carl, the head of customer service, loved talking to frustrated women. The more irrational the better. There were many theories on the origin of this weird quirk, mostly involving his mother.

Then came Morris. Yes, he was named for the cat. He spoiled Carl’s sweet setup because he could explain anything to anyone. With Morris in place Carl’s parade of frustrated women ceased.

Carl tried to get Morris fired, but he was too well-liked. Morris talked the company out of firing Carl because that’s the kind of guy he was. Facebook LogoTwitter Logo

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100 Words – Dig

dig dirty hands

She tried to dig up the feelings I’d buried deep inside. It took a year of constant effort, but she finally wore me down. What she found destroyed her and landed me back in jail. Fortunately she escaped the apartment before any permanent damage could be done.

Why do people think that all feelings are positive? It’s not fair. I spent decades of hard work and therapy to make myself as normal as possible. Then she came along and made me love her. She couldn’t accept that parts of me are bad. She wanted the whole experience. She got it.


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100 Words – The Evil Path

evil doll

Raul slowly came to accept the latent evil within him. It started small and slowly as a series of petty crimes. The abuse of ever larger creatures, from ants to squirrels to cats and dogs. The theft of objects belonging to his classmates and their parents.

Then came the felonies. Nice bicycles gave way to cars. Locks did not deter him for long. His shiny new gun avoided the need for physical violence. The women all knelt before him.

As he progressed unencumbered by any law or moral code he finally arrived at the ultimate sin, a career in politics.


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Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 19, 2020

100 Words – Dance Alone

dance alone dancers

Watching you dance alone in the dark. Wishing I had the courage to dance with you. Knowing you would never say yes. You would most likely be kind, but the answer would always be no.

Go for it say my friends. They don’t know. They aren’t in love with you. They don’t know what I know. It will never happen.

This longing is killing me. The agony must be relieved. The source of this pain must be destroyed. I’m sorry that I have to do this. Forgive me. You’d never say yes. I will cry at your funeral. I promise.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: January 11, 2020


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