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Stories and essays containing 100 words

solutions unfound

100 Words – Solutions

Smiley wandered the cold town. He couldn’t go home yet. He wasn’t up to Martha giving him the silent treatment….

karaoke bar

100 Words – Karaoke

I was a perfectly sane human being until I heard her sing. It was my typical just before closing time…

lone star logo

100 Words – Lone Star Musings

Two Lone Star beers latter I became very concerned with the phrase, The Pursuit Of Happiness. For some reason my…

man in screen

100 Words – Screens

I live my life online. A citizen of the screens. My existence is expressed through phone, tablet, laptop and digital…

toxic coworker

100 words – Toxic

I tried to work with him but his toxic personality prevented any form of cooperation. He committed every business sin…

sand storms

100 Words – Sand Storms

The nomads gathered at the oasis to wait out the sand storms. A few knew each other from past seasons…

cats in corfield

100 Words – Cats In The Corn

The dusty sunset is full of cat screams. They are angry and elusive. We can hear them, but can’t find…


100 Words – Watermelon

Last night I had a dream that I was planting a flower bed, but nothing would grow except watermelons. Whatever…

road trip companion

100 Words – Road Trip

The road trip took ten hours, not six. My friend talked the whole time about the difference between satori and…

stoic man

100 Words – Stoic

The funniest man I ever met was an unrelenting stoic. He never laughed. He never smiled. He never pet the…