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The Message – 100 words
message watchtower

Frank stands in the watchtower waiting for the signal from the east. Waiting to relay the signal to the west. The signal hour is almost up. He was sure the message would come today. He was sure the message would come yesterday. Maybe it will come tomorrow.

No news is good news they say. Not knowing is worse thinks Frank. If the news is war then there are things to do. No more sitting around 23 hours a day, waiting. If the news is peace Frank can go home. See his family once again.

Maybe the message will come tomorrow.

Photo by cowbite

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City Myth – 100 words

Myth of the City

Carl’s heart flows down an empty river. Betrayed by the city he loved. So many promises. So many letdowns. The myth of the big city isn’t an easy belief to lose. Now Carl knows the truth. Standing alone in the middle of millions.

He stands on the corner watching the sun set behind the giant buildings. The workers depart. The day-dwellers who don’t care about Carl, or anyone, are slowly replaced by the ones who wish to do him harm. Carl senses a man watching and waiting for his chance to strike. Carl flees to a cab he can’t afford.

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Sirens – 100 words

I hear the sirens’ call yet their tongues are still. I am compelled to the rocks though they do not beckon. Thirteen years lost at sea. Denied sanctuary at every known port. I am a pirate who does not pillage. An explorer who fears the forbidden land.

The cult of the flesh eludes me. Knowledge versus belief versus morality. The more I shed my vices the louder they scream. Driven mad. The voices in my head sit in judgment of me. They pronounce me inadequate. The sentence is exile in the wilderness of thought. A prison of my own construction.

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The Man In The Mirror – 100 words
man in the mirror

The man in the mirror scared the shit out of me.

All I wanted was a silly selfie of my just-out-of-the-shower hair. I pointed the camera and there was a weird green flash and this appeared on my phone’s screen.

I took another picture and it came out normal. Though my shower hair wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped.

I keep looking at the weird picture. It’s definitely me but what am I wearing? Goggles and a head lamp like I’m some kind of urban spelunker. What strange adventure is calling to me from the other side of the mirror?

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The Demon Sandman – 100 words

Stay awake with me the sandman calls. I beg for sleep and he laughs. I try to clear my mind and he fills it with thoughts. Bad thoughts. Cruel thoughts. I can’t believe I thought that thoughts. I try filling my head with harmless thoughts but he twists them into foul parodies of joy.

I turn over to escape his grasp. Resistance is futile.He surrounds me and is within me. The horrors of my imagination are made real. Punching wall snakes. Screaming for release.

Then the sun cracks the sky. The demon retreats into the shadows. Sleep finally comes.

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