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Stories and essays containing 100 words


100 Words – Irish Goodbye

Smiley was the master of the Irish goodbye. When the crowds overwhelmed him he would hit the bathroom, then just…

sad bad poet

100 Words – Bad Poet

I failed college English because I wrote a paper on why the professor’s girlfriend was the worst poet to ever…

mangy dog

100 Words – Mangy Dog Love

Clyde spent his childhood wanting a dog. His parents were open to the idea. The problem was that all dogs…


100 Words – Drunks and Prophets

I saw the glimpse of glory fade in the drunkard’s eye with every swig of the bottle. An angel, fallen…


100 Words – Desert Friends

I thought the desert would be a lonely place. I have more friends here than I ever had in any…


100 Words – Those Eyes

She had the voice of a crow and sang with the melody of a drunken priest falling down the stairs,…


100 Words – Criminal

Clyde considered himself a true criminal. He believed in crime. No excuses, no apologies. No sympathy for his victims. Though…


100 Words – Junkyard Beer

The first beer Smiley ever drank was one he found at the junkyard in the glove compartment of a 68…

solutions unfound

100 Words – Solutions

Smiley wandered the cold town. He couldn’t go home yet. He wasn’t up to Martha giving him the silent treatment….

karaoke bar

100 Words – Karaoke

I was a perfectly sane human being until I heard her sing. It was my typical just before closing time…