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100 Words – Neon Clock

neon clock

She stood beneath the neon clock waiting for him. I knew it was a him. It’s always a him and that’s where they always wait.

Judging from her amazing looks I imagined that he would be her equal. She was elegant and angular. Maybe he would be the same. Or maybe he would be round in contrast. Kind of like me, but dressed better.

I never found out. He never came. At twenty past the hour she gave up and left. It wasn’t till she was gone that I thought maybe she was waiting for me. I need better clothes.

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Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: September 7, 2019

100 Words – Body Bag

river waiting for body bag

Raul unfurled an official-use-only gray and green Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office body bag. He filled it with pine needles, a few twigs and threw it in the river. The swift water carried it downstream and into the path of the flashlight. Much yelling followed.

Raul turned to Carl, “Run. Now.”

Carl’s confusion deadened his reaction. He truly expected to be inside that bag by now.

“It’s up to you,” Raul said as he started down the path downstream. “You’ve got about twenty minutes head start.”

Carl grinned and ran upstream to the highway. The sun would be up soon.

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Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: August 24, 2019

100 Words – Torture

torture instruments

I laughed as she squirmed, fearing the needle’s sting. I clamped her arm down and injected the harmless solution into her vein. Ten minutes later she told me everything I wanted to know. Everything she wanted me to know.

The charade of torture is often so rewarding. The “victim” wants to cooperate. The sin of collusion is tempting. They don’t really believe the lies they were raised on. Any alternative, any truth, any rebellion will do.

Now what to do with her? Killing her would be too kind. It would deprive her of the horror of living a traitor’s life.

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Tags: , | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: August 17, 2019

100 Words(or less) – Movie Oops

movie theater

All I wanted to do was make a movie. I know that’s little comfort to the families of the recently deceased, but it’s true.

The thing that bothers me the most is now I have to pay extra to have the “no animals were harmed” message removed from the credits.

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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: August 10, 2019

100 Words – No Excuses

sledge hammers - no excuses

“I have no time for your excuses. I want the money and I want it now. So shut up, pay up or it’s the sledgehammer to the balls again.”

He paid up. They always do.

I am slowly winning the battle over the voices in my head. Their screaming has been subdued to a mere whisper. A gentle melody telling me to do terrible things.

Doing the things the voices tell me to do eases the pain, but it always comes back. I think that if I can silence the voices I will silence the pain. What do you think?


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Tags: | Comments (0) | Author: Tom | Published: May 25, 2019


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