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Caterham 7

Q: What car would I most like to have?

A: A Caterham 7.

That was easy. The harder part is, which one? They have several. They are mostly the same except for the engine. They all weigh less than 1500 pounds.

The smallest one has a turbocharged, three-cylinder engine with only 84 horsepower. The reviewers say that this one is the most fun to drive. The one with the most powerful engine is a supercharged Ford engine with 310 horsepower. There are also a few in between, but if you don’t get the one that’s the most fun or the fastest, what’s the point?

That narrows it down to two. The fast one costs twice as much as the fun one. Not that going really fast isn’t fun, The problem is that if I had a car that fast, I’d spend every ride proving it. Not really safe and probably not legal.

So the anemic fun one it is.


They don’t sell the fun one in America. Something about not being safe or some such nonsense. Who am I kidding anyway? If you know me, you know I’ll buy the cheapest used one I can find. That’s who I am.