Bumper cars at the kart track

This past Sunday was the K1 league night. Several of the drivers took it upon themselves to rattle my bones.

I’ve seen this happen before. It’s rare for a single driver to be a rough driver. It seems that as soon as one gives a bump that releases the others from their courtesy requirements and they start bumping themselves.

The first qualifying session I had a kart with a lag in power delivery. I just couldn’t get it to come off corners with any force. I would up 7th, .8 seconds behind the leader.

The second session I had plenty of power but rather mushy brakes. I did manage to adjust and got down under 25 seconds. I jumped to 5th, .65 seconds behind the leader.

Then the race. I got hit over and over for the first several laps. Things smoothed over for a while but I still got a couple big hits towards the end. I momentarily got as high as 3rd but got knocked back down to 6th where I finished.

The good news is that I had a good kart and managed a time just .4 seconds behind the winner.

I have now fallen to second in the championship point standings. Unfortunately if the guy who won this round shows up next time he’s going to take the series. Who knows, maybe he won’t show up.

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Author: Tom
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