Was the Buckmobile driven by Joe Buck?

1904 BUCKMOBILE RUNABOUT Chassis no. 244

BuckmobileThe Buckmobile caught my eye not just because it’s a great example of a very early automobile but also because the high estimate is only $60K. That’s too low.

I’m not saying that the estimate is inaccurate. I’m saying that it should be worth so much more. If mass-produced junk from the 60’s sell for a quarter million, why is this rare beauty worth 1/5th as much?

Of course I know the answer. The people buying the muscle cars are aging guys, as am I, who grew up lusting after these cars and now have the means to make their childhood dreams come true.

I wonder if the gen-xers will make the Chevy Citation then next big thing in collector cars.

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Author: Tom
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