Bohnam’s Auction, Greenwich CT, June 1 – What I’m watching (updated)

I’ve not previewed a Bohnam’s auction before becuase they usually have nothing priced under the nosebleed range. I stumbled upon the catalog for Greenwich while researching a car at another auction and found a surprisingly wide range of price estimates, though even the lowest are still above my interest range. With a few exceptions.

A Citroën DS 19 Cabriolet pedal car,
circa 1960s, a charming French Citroën pedal car in the style of the Chapron-bodied “Decapotable”. Pressed steel body, bright work and steering wheel intact.
Estimate: $500 – 700

Most pedal cars made to look like real cars end up looking like caracatures. This little beauty however captures the look and spirit of the Citroen DS. Pedal cars aren’t worth nearly as much today as in the pre-eBay era, which removed forever the myth of rarity.
My initial guess on price was $1000, but since I’m in love with it I’m probably over-estimating. So with that in mind, I guess the $700 is closer to reality.

Results: $600 (I just loved it too much.)

c.1970 LeGrand Mk10 Single Seat Formula Ford Racer
This Mk10 is fresh from long term storage. Fitted with the later steel wheels and suspension uprights, this former Scuderia Aeronaut LeGrand includes its original red and
white striped body work. The cockpit includes its original steering wheel and gauge cluster
along with a fitted, padded seat. Offered without a drivetrain, it could is designed to
accept a 1,600cc Formula Ford motor. A fun and inexpensive way to get into motorsports, this Mk10 is an excellent basis for a weekend racer.
Estimate: $8,000 – 10,000 Without reserve

I have no idea how this car made it into this auction. A formula Ford roller hardly seems fitting company for Jags and Alfas. The chassis isn’t all that rare or unusual. That aside, as the listing states, this could be an inexpensive entry into vintage racing. Formula Ford drivetrains are pretty easy to come by, and the maintenance is pretty low as long as the engine isn’t overtuned.

The current price for old FFs on eBay is 7,000 – 12,000 depending on how close to racability it is. With that in mind I wouldn’t expect this car to go for more than 5,000.

Result: $7000 (I guess I didn’t love it enough.)

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