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Bike Rage

It happened to me. Again. This van on Stanyan street decided that I shouldn’t be able to take up a whole lane, even though I was going above the speed limit and there was another, completely empty lane right next to me. He pulled up next to me, not past me, and pulled over on me. I had to brake hard to avoid being pushed into the parked cars. This has happened before and will happen again.

It’s funny because when I’m behind the wheel of a car I take offense at nothing. It all just rolls off my back, or perhaps wheels. When I’m riding my bike however I take every offense as personal and I yell and bang on fenders and act pretty much like a total ass. Maybe it’s the adrenaline and heart pumping away. Maybe it’s because on the bike I’m much more exposed to the dangers going on around me.

Whatever the reason, I need to learn to let it go. Reacting the way I do does nobody any good. The people who do these things are either completely clueless or total assholes. Yelling at them will not help. As for me, why let these jerks ruin my day? I ride for exercise and relaxation. Anger assists neither.

No promises, but I’ll try.

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Tags: , - Author: Tom - Published: May 20, 2012


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