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MiniB – Got it all put back together and now I have to take it apart again. The wheels are way wobbly. Apparently I didn’t get the spokes back on right. Ah well, that’s how we learn.

eBaby – I’m finally giving in and admitting that the gears are too steep for me. I was contemplating putting on a triple chainring in front, but I did the match and decided to get a wider range cassette for the rear. I found an 11-32 9 speed cheap on eBay. Currently it has an 11-21 9 speed.

Rocky – I’ve been looking for some cheap 26″ wheels for a while without luck. On a whim I put the Easton 700c wheels on and was amazed that they fit. So once the new cassette comes for the ebaby I’m going to put the 11-21 on Rocky. That should complete all the parts I need. This will not be a normal bike.


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- Author: Tom - Published: January 26, 2012


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