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Bike Projects Update – Progress

I’ve been spending a pile of time on the bikes I got from the Milpitas Police Department.  I just finished the first. It’s a Roadmaster mountain bike. Of the mountain bikes I got it needed the least work. The only thing missing was the left thumb shifter. Of course there was rust, gunk and one slightly bent wheel to be dealt with. I test rode it today and everything is working all hunky dory. Also, I’ve already got a buyer for this one.

Of the other two mountain bikes one frame was a total write-off but has donated many good parts to Rocky, my other mountain bike project, which was originally intended as a rat bike but is now quite a nice ride. The other mountain bike is a Magna Glacier Point 10 speed. It’s complete but needs much lubing and adjusting. It’s also missing a left thumb shifter but I’ve got spares. The real problem is the from chainrings are bent. Fortunately it’s a three-piece which all comes apart so I can hammer them flat again.

I haven’t touched the BMX bikes yet.

Aside from the Milpitas bikes I’ve been working on the twin toddler bikes. I pulled them all apart, cleaned them off and found that they needed very little work. All the moving parts were fine. Rust was the only real issue. I scraped it all off and today I repainted the frames. They look good. To cover the rust on the handlebars I’ve got these funky rolls of duct tape to act as handlebar tape. Should be cool.


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Tags: ,,, - Author: Tom - Published: October 14, 2012


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