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Bike Projects Update

Mini BMX – The truing stand came and after much work the rear wheel no longer wobbles. Tomorrow night I’ll attack the front. Then all that I need to do is soak the chain in degreaser, clean it and lube it and the bike will be ready for some little kid to abuse.

Izzy – I picked up this free ex-burning man bike. Underneath all the fake fur is rather a nice cruiser, but the rusty hardware is causing problems. On the good side it doesn’t look like it will need any new parts.

RT10 – The 10 speed BMX-style bike is ready to go. It will get posted as a free bike on Craigslist later this week.

Rocky – Still looking for a rear wheel and tire. I have everything else and much of it has been assembled.


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Tags: , - Author: Tom - Published: March 11, 2012


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