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Bike Projects Update

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

ebaby – Tried the Easton wheels but I don’t think the low spoke count is compatible with a rider that weighs ten times what the bike weighs. The new rear gears make peddling easier but I need to adjust the limit screws on the rear derailleur to get access to all the gears.

MiniB – still trying to get the rear rim trued. I may have to break down and buy a truing stand. The sledgehammer just isn’t accurate enough.

Glam Puss – I found a seat post that fits. I also finally gave in and admitted that the crunchy tires needed replacing. I’m watching some auctions on eBay for some new rubber.

Rocky – All that’s left to get is a rear wheel/tube/tire and cassette. I’ve started assembling what I have. A rat bike all the way. What could be cooler than a Brooks saddle held together with duct tape?

Rolling Thunder РI finally found some brake pads cheap enough to suit my penny pinching. It should be ready for Craigslist in a week or so.

Parts – I found a pair of 700c bike rims on the street a couple nights ago. One is totally mangled and crunched beyond usability, but the other is a Mavic MA3 in great condition. It looks like someone used bolt cutters to remove the hub so it has 32 stubby spoke ends held on by the rim tape alone. Fortunately I have a set of black DT spokes and a brand new in box Shimano hub. My first from scratch wheel. Oh boy!

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Tags: ,, - Author: Tom - Published: February 11, 2012


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