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Bike Project Updates – 4/29/12

eBaby – Took the first successful longer ride. Eleven miles in under an hour with only minor technical issues. It won’t stay in the two lowest rear gears without me holding the shifter level. Should be an easy fix. The good news is that those two low gears make steep hills much easier. The only other issue was my aching back. Apparently the handlebars are just too low. Fortunately I was able to find a high-rise stem for cheap on eBay. It should be here next week.

Twins – So it seems that the twins will be more work than expected. I thought it odd the way that the paint came off in big chips. A little research revealed that they are probably covered in lead paint. Now I have to build a virtual hazmat suit to work on the things. I’ll strip off the old paint an cover them with something safer.

Collie – I found a Columbia 10-speed frame and fork on the sidewalk. I don’t need another project but I had a columbia when I was a kid so I have a soft spot.


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Tags: ,, - Author: Tom - Published: April 29, 2012


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