Bike Goals (Word Blob)

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accomplishing vs. doing

Everyone says that you need goals. Doesn’t matter for what. Everything needs goals or you will never accomplish anything. The problem with goals is that, for me, they tend to overwhelm the reason I’m doing the thing in the first place.

The goals become a requirement that I feel obliged to fulfill. I must conform with the thing that I wrote down on my calendar. And if I don’t I will have failed. That’s a lot of pressure for a bike ride.

I invent goals like, I want to do a 20 mile ride. Why? What does riding 20 miles accomplish, other than proving I can ride 20 miles? 

Another goal; I want to ride to the Connecticut border. What does this accomplish? Well, for one, I get to go to Connecticut. I get to ride on roads I’ve never ridden before. I get to take and post a picture of the Welcome To Connecticut sign. All noble quests indeed.

What I think I’m trying to say is that wanting to ride 20 miles is meaningless. All I have to do is ride up and down the driveway 3000 times. It’s hard to be motivated by such a generic goal.

With all that in mind, today I rode to downtown Rochdale, a town I didn’t know existed till today. A 9.5 mile ride with lots of hills, nothing too bad, with some wonderfully wooded roads. 

New goal; Find nice roads.