Best Qualifying Ever

I started the main race in second! Not my first second place ever but the competition this last Saturday was the toughest ever. There were only five of us but it was the top five racers in the championship. There were no back-markers in this one.

In the first session I finished in third but was less than a quarter second behind the leader. I got off to a great start but after five or six laps the kart started loosing power and I dropped about a tenth of a second a lap.

For the second session I got a kart that had nothing wrong and my time showed it. I finished with the second fastest time, in fact I beat the best time from the first session. I was feeling real good about the final race. In fact, this was my fastest time ever on the reverse track.

The good feeling lasted about two corners. The kart behind me started bumping into me, not during braking or anything like that but in the middle of the straights. My kart was understeering which is my great weakness. I’m like a tennis player with a lousy backhand. Soon the third place kart got me coming out of the hairpin and by the next corner I was in fifth. After that I was just glad I didn’t get lapped.

Fortunately because there were only five of us there weren’t enough points available to make much impact on the championship. I held my second place and got what is now the tallest trophy in the case.

I’ve racked up several free races so I think I’m going to start doing a practice session on the day of the race just to get myself in the right state of mind.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.