Best death trap ever on eBay

death trapRemember, death trap is not necessarily a bad thing.

Sure, it looks cute with those CAR STORY eyes and the stink bug on the side, but with a Chevy V-8 under the hood this thing becomes a different kind of ride.

I love Crosleys. I love hot rods. I usually love Crosley hot rods. This one though scares the hell out of me.

Despite the extra weight of the big engine and transmission the front end actually looks taller than original. Look at the pictures and you will see a definite lean to the left.

The narrowed rear end and big fat tires make me think that it’s not to comfortable going around those corner things. That mixed with the fact it’s much taller than it is wide portends quite a bit of tippyness.

Tippyness wouldn’t be so much a problem in an under-powered car. In an over-powered car it becomes exaggerated and dangerous.

Does all this scary stuff mean you shouldn’t buy this car? No, all that scary stuff is exactly why you should buy this car. That’s what a death trap is for.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.