Beetle Truck on eBay

What more could you want than a Beetle Truck? Sort of the hippie equivalent of the El Camino. Alternatively you could ask, who would want a Beetle Truck?

That’s the problem with “special” cars. Yes, they are fun to look at at and motorheads like me lust after them, but the specialness of the car eliminates a huge potential audience when you’re trying to sell it. There’s a reason there are so many Camrys on the road.

A special car needs and deserves a special owner. Someone who won’t outgrow the novelty after two weeks. Someone willing to maintain the specialness. Someone who doesn’t mind the stares, questions and teenage disparagement.

It’s like getting a beagle puppy at the pound. Oh it is so cute and playful and smart. Then one day instinct kicks in and it discovers it can howl and decides that its job is to protect the house and family by howling at EVERYTHING that might pose a threat.

Meanwhile, back at the Beetle Truck; If I had a business that required light delivery, this would be a wonderful machine. A little work and maybe a vinyl rap and you’ve got one hell of a rolling billboard.

Of course when it comes to special cars like the Beetle Truck having it VW-based is a huge advantage because mechanically it is only slightly more complex than a go kart. If you can maintain a bicycle you can maintain a VW. And if you can’t there is someone in your town who can.

So what is something like this worth? The opening bid is $1500 with reserve not met. The seller is asking for a deposit of $2000 so obviously expects to get more than that. There are over five days to go so you never know. I wouldn’t go over $2500 but I’m a cheapskate. Twice that might be what a VWhacko might spend.

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Author: Tom
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