Most bad ass Packard ever on eBay

bad ass PackardThis bad ass Packard has forever changed my idea of what a Packard is.

I never expected to encounter the phrase, four-wheel drive Packard Ambulance. Yet here is one in beautiful brown and grey. I’m afraid I may have been premature when I recently reviewed an REO truck as the greatest Zombie Elimination Vehicle ever.

What’s almost as impressive as the car is the sellers description. He is obviously an expert but clearly states what he doesn’t know. That level of honesty is rare.

This is one of those cars that would be a shame to restore. That would be like negating everything this vehicle has been. Erasing its life to become an artificial object. On the other hand it doesn’t seem right to hot rod it. I think this conflict is reflected in the seller’s statement that his shop isn’t the right place for the Packard.

Perhaps it could be made to run and used as a shuttle vehicle for some horror-themed amusement park. It’s like holding the greatist square peg ever but finding nothing bu round holes to put it in.

With just under nine days to go the current bid is just over $2000, with reserve not met. I don’t expect this will go too cheaply.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.