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Back in the karts

beltThat’s me in kart 29 fumbling with the seat belt. I haven’t raced much lately but the cold weather has kept me off the bike and I need some adrenaline-inducing activity.

The new track in South San Francisco has a once a month racing league which is good for me because I can’t make the weekly commitment that other area track leagues require.

I preparation, at my wife’s suggestion, I did a practice session today so I wouldn’t be totally lost on league night. It was a good idea because the electric karts have some characteristics quite different from the gas karts I’m used to.

For example, the brakes work great as long as you’re going in a straight line but if you hit the brakes in a corner at anything faster than a crawl you lose all traction in the rear. To counter that, the rear wheels never slide under acceleration so it forces you to be slow into and fast out of corners. Unfortunately some of my fellow racers never got the hang of that and I got rammed from behind a few times.

Well after 14 laps I would up with the second fastest time. (No mom, there weren’t just two of us.) I was just .4 seconds off the fastest time and .04 seconds off best lap average. Out of the context of the session though, I’m 1.7 seconds off the fastest time for the track. That’s more like what I’m likely to come up against in the league race so I’ve got some work to do.

So tomorrow is league night. Wish me luck.


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Tags: ,, - Author: Tom - Published: January 5, 2013


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