Back in Pismo Beach


I know the way. A weird state of mind. Kind of a lazy day. All fog and cold ocean breeze.


I managed to fix the RV’s sagging front bin. I had set aside the afternoon to work on it and it took less than an hour. So I had time to go for a bike ride. Unfortunately a flat tire, cold wind and big hills held me to less than five miles. Though five miles is better than zero.

Abigail met a couple of Cocker Spaniels today. She only barked once. So proud of her.

I went to a local bar that a random woman in line at lunch said had good bands. She was wrong. It was a 70’s disco cover band with a guitarist who has mastered nearly three chords. The drummer was pretty good but we got an excess of drum solos. Pat thinks it must be his band.


Went to see the kite festival in Morro Bay. Missed our turn and wound up going through a funky little town to the north. I love getting lost. The kites were a bit underwhelming but the weather wasn’t great.

We ate at a nice but greasy little restaurant overlooking the harbor. I got to watch some little kids in little sailboats who had way more skill at the tiller than I ever had.

The RV park is way empty tonight. Some exodus is normal, but this is excessive. I almost feel lonely.


The bike shops in Pismo Beach are closed on Mondays.

This park has good washers and driers. It’s kind of amazing that I am able to state that with authority.

We stopped to watch the ocean a while. Very nice.


I dumped Pat and Tonya downtown while I went in pursuit of new tubes for the bike. They actually hold air. Yeah!


May Day! Workers of the world unite! Only I’m unemployed so I guess that doesn’t apply to me.

We went for a walk on the beach today. Abigail loved the infinity of new odors but did not like the wet sand down by the water.


Drove to Moss Landing today. It’s weird being back in Northern California. It feels familiar but no longer feels like home.

Author: Tom
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