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If I buy this baby can-am do I get to be Peter Revson?

baby can-am carThis baby can-am car is the lower 99 percenter’s hope for owning a cool old race car. Real can-am cars cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s way more than I could ever justify paying for a toy.

The little PBS looks remarkably like it’s fire-breathing 7 liter monster big brothers but is powered by a high revving 1.3 liter engine. Very quick, responsive and I imagine very very loud.

It is currently used for vintage racing and I can’t imagine a better car for the job. This would be a blast to drive without the fear of chipping the fiberglass of a half-million dollar machine.

In SCCA terms, I believe this is a D Sports Racer which is the emotional successor to H Modified, which are my favorite race cars ever. I love race cars built to limiting rules. It requires the builders to use their imagination rather than cubic inches and piles of cash.

It’s funny how this thinking translates to other areas. In the world of RVing there is a huge dollar range from 10’s of thousands all the way up to million dollars rigs. The weird thing is, the smaller the rig, the better the layout, usually. For small RVs the builders have to put thought and creativity into getting all the essential pieces to function in a small package.

On the other hand, the million dollar machines have so much room that things are just thrown together hap-hazard. This wastes a lot of space. One side-effect of this is you have 50 foot rigs that only sleep 2 or 4 people and also have 25 foot rigs that sleep 6 or 8.

Sorry, off on a tangent. Anyway, as usual, I want this car but don’t have the money, garage space, etc.

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