Automattic Sucks (IMHO)

Peugeot 404 hood

Sometimes when you break up, the other party just won’t let go. Just over a year ago I stopped using WordPress and switched to a static site. WordPress STILL hasn’t given up.

Actually, it’s the parent company Automattic. Their image search engine tries to load all the graphics I USED to have on my website at least once a week. They have tried to access some of the files over 5,000 times. Each attempt is met with a 404, file not found, error.

That’s over 100,000 not found errors over the last year and they still haven’t gotten the hint. The other problem is that Automattic’s search engine ignores the robots.txt file. Most of even the sleaziest marketing companies follow the robots directives.

You’d think that after a few times failing to load the same file they’d remove it from their index. (Let alone 5,000 times.) The files are gone. They’re not coming back. Move on.

There is only one other search engine that repeatedly tries to load deleted files, and they hit one tenth as many files as Automattic. That other search engine is Bing, of course.

So why did I dump WordPress? I have a simple blog and WordPress becomes exponentially more complicated with each version. That and the weight of all the plugins you need to make the site secure and functional made the load time for the homepage grow to over four seconds.

The static site loads in less then half a second. As a bonus, my site now validates correctly on all tests and all errors that happen are my own, so debugging isn’t a nightmare.

So, Automattic, please leave my site alone.