Austin Fixable on eBay

Austin fixableThe picture of this fixable Austin makes it look like a refugee from a Walton’s episode.

No word warms the cheapskate motorhead’s heart more than fixable. It means that all may not be right in the world be the potential for correction is there. More importantly the money collectors are almost always removed from the chase.

I love Austin 7s and its descendants but so do many other people. Thanks to the laws of supply and demand that means I will never be able to afford one in good or better condition.

My only hope is to find one that needs enough work that is scares people off but not too much work that it is beyond my mechanical ability. Of course right now I am garageless so this is mostly fantasy.

Fantasy aside, I don’t see anything on this car that can’t be fixed.

With three and a half days to go the current bid is $5,402. The just-lowered reserve is unmet but I don’t imagine that it’s too much higher. (Unless the seller is truly delusional.)

See the full listing: Austin Bantam Roadster

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Author: Tom
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