Tom Week - Woods and Trails

trail signs

10/7/21 – Tri-State Bike Ride

Today I rode my bike from Pennsylvania through New York and into New Jersey. It was an 8 mile round trip.

We’re at what is for most an overnight campground. Almost empty during the day, packed by sunset, empty again well before noon.

10/8/21 – Short Drive

We drove less than 40 miles today. Another campground that was empty when we arrived but now is full. Only, it’s Friday on a long weekend, so it probably won’t empty out till Monday.

I bought an extension cord at WalMart today and a guy in the aisle was appalled that I spent $10 when right next to it was a $3 one. I tried to be polite but he persisted. Finally, his teenage son said to his father. “Maybe he doesn’t WANT to burn his house down.”

10/9/21 – Earlyween

Kids are out trick-or-treating! Apparently this happens every weekend in October at this park. They also have a site decoration contest. The winner gets a free weekend of camping. Only, the sites with the most decorations are the ones who least need free camping.

10/10/21 – Rainy Day

It’s a dark Autumn day. A perpetual nap kind of day. 

I turned on the TV to watch the Patriots game, but it wasn’t on in this area. Bummer.

10/11/21 – Coal Country

It turns out that my previous knowledge of east central Pennsylvania was woefully under-informed. The biggest surprise was passing through the town of Jim Thorpe. I never heard of it, but judging from the huge crowds, I’m the only one.

Along the way I got to see a strip mine, trucks full of coal and town after poverty-stricken town only distinguished from each other by the street names.

The BEST surprise was the campground. We are parked next to a beautiful creek, away from the highway, on a flat surface with cable TV and WIFI. If it wasn’t for winter I’d stay here forever. Oh yeah, there’s a 10 mile bike path that starts at the edge of the campground.

10/12/21 – Ride In The Country

Today’s bike ride took me down The Bear Hole Trail. It went deep into the woods. Wet leaves covering loose gravel made for a slippery ride. 

I also rode for a bit on THE Appalachian Trail. I feel so special. Tomorrow or Thursday I’ll be checking out The Moonshine Trail. Oh Boy!

10/31/21 – Watch The Apples

I rode on a wondrous bike path today. It started off as rocky gravel, but then became and abandoned road and finally a path built on an old railroad line. We are in hill country, but the entire route was very flat.

I also had a wonderful hallucination along the ride. Or perhaps, trick of light would be more accurate. For just a second I saw a person standing at the edge of the bike path. I swerved to miss them, looked back and they were gone. I stopped and went back and found that of you were in just the right position, a group of yellows leaves on top of two tree trunks, looked amazingly like a person. Sometimes I hate when the mystery is solved.