Tom Week - WIND

3/ 11 /21 – The Flags Are Flying

I finally got the energy and concentration together to finish a flags in the wind scene for an animation. It took a long time to learn how to do the flag flapping in the breeze. Then, when all the flags were in place I tried to render a test animation and the program crashed big.

I spent the next couple hours trying to degrade the output enough to make it through the render process. Finally, I came across the “animation cache.” This solved all my problems and was able to render the animation in full resolution and detail. The stuff you learn.

Then I got out for a bike ride. Only 4.7 miles, but I’m still lacking some strength.

Then I took a nap.

3/12/21 – Package Follies

Once again the delivery of Pat’s meds have been messed up. This time they couldn’t be delivered because the address was incorrect. Only, the address is correct. We got packages here a few days ago. Tomorrow we get to go down the hill to Palm Springs and pick up the package at the FedEx place. Such fun.

3/13/21 – Wind and Medications

We successfully obtained Pat’s meds from FedEx. It would be nice to go through one month without the drama.

Oh yeah. It’s windy here again. Big surprise.

3/14/21 – I Picked This Place

It’s my fault. Before we got here, Desert Hot Springs was the warmest place in California. My plan was to sit in the sun, ride my bike, the who warm weather thing. So, while we are actually the warmest place in California, it’s still too cold to do any of that stuff.

And the news people say tomorrow will be even windier.

3/15/21 – The Ides Of March

I was wrong. It was not windy here before. TODAY, it is windy here! 30 mph steady with 50 mph gusts. The RV is rocking! Fortunately the Charlie’s Angels obsessed weather lady says the bad wind will be gone tomorrow.

I’m tired of thinking about wind all the time.

3/16/21 – NO WIND

We are in Bakersfield. It is slightly warmer but with zero wind it feels much warmer. Soon I will stop talking about wind.

3/17/21 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, we had corned beef. It was yummy. Pat figured out how to cook it in an air friar.